[Archive] Big Hat Chaos Dwarf army


Hi folks,

Since they get very little use these days, I’ve been thinking of giving up on my Chaos Dwarf army and figured I’d give folks here first chance on them.

I’d rather not split it up for now, but I may do if there’s no takers for the whole army. This isn’t a definitive list, just what I can remember off the top of my head, but I’d obviously do a proper model count and take lots of pictures if there was any interest, and before talking about money.

If anyone is interested in working out a deal for the whole lot, drop me a PM.



Lords on Taurus and Lammasu (metal)
All the usual characters, plus an extra CD Lord converted to a Standard Bearer, the limited FW event models, AoW Chaos Dwarf lord, and pack of FW Sorcerers.
Hobgoblin Hero + Ghazak Khan
Two big infantry blocks (regiment of 40 including command in plastic, and 35 with command in metal, including a couple of the US release Quest models, and an extra command group to split them to smaller units)
Two blunderbuss units (7x3 with command, each with all four firing poses, and rear rank poses chosen to actually rank up properly!)
2 x 20 Hobgoblin archers
35 or so Sneaky Gits
25 or so Hobgoblin Warriors
30-odd Hobgoblin Cavalry, plus 10 DoW Hobgoblin cavalry
20 Black Orcs (new plastics) + Games Day Black Orc + Black Orc Big Boss
8 Bull Centaurs
8(?) Ogre Kingdoms Ironguts (back from when Ogres could be taken as allies to almost anyone. Shown in US White Dwarf 300)
3 Rocket launchers, 2 Earthshakers, 2 Bolt Throwers
Tenderiser, and at least one 3rd ed rocket team
Hellcannon (with studio resin scenic base) + extra set of crew. Base is the one shown here: File:Unreleased - Chaos FW cannon base.jpg - CcmWiki

It’s all in various stages of assembly/painting, with some Hobgoblin stuff in need of stripping, and missing a pile of plastic Wolves


Are you looking for a whole army trade - I have a beastmen army (mainly metals) or some bretonnians I would be keen to trade for this lot.