[Archive] Big hat characters for trade :) *updated*

Captain Crayon:

Hey Dude’s and dudettes.

After chasing chaos dwarves on ebay for the last year or so I’ve ended up with a few doubles of characters.

I’d like to trade for a few non-character bighats to complete some units :slight_smile:

What I’m after is…

3 warriors (plastic or metal)

and 1 musician

I’m In Australia, and would prefer to trade with locals. But If there is no one wanting to trade in my end of the world I’m very happy to post international.

I’m proposing a 1 for 1 trade for the musician, and 1 character for 3 plastic warriors (open to negotiation of course)

If I manage to get my hands on the models I need, I’m keen to trade the other character models for other coolstuff.


Captain Crayon


No longer chasing 3 warriors

One of the heroes leaning on his axe, One sorcerer and 2 lots of back banners are now spoken for :slight_smile:

Still chasing a bighat musician!


Can’t help you with the musician, but if you need more warriors - I got a few laying around - these:



I could use the Hero with axe 2 (the blister guy). So just let me know :wink:

And no, I’m not an Austrailian - I’m Danish - thats Denmark - Europe - right? :slight_smile:


Hi i would be interested in one of the heros leaning on axe and a set of banner poles .I have a musician with horn and five plastic bighats as a swap if you are interested cheers:hat

Captain Crayon:

Pms have been sent :slight_smile:

I’ve just updated the piccy to make it clear what i have left.


I probably could have saved the effort of finding the picture, drawing little x’s on it, then reposting it, by just saying I have a sorcerer and the dude in the blister left… ah well. now you all get a shiny picture.


I know it’s been a few weeks since your last post, but is your sorceror still available?