[Archive] Big Hat Core units, 30 Blunderbusses, heroes [15/02/05]


Hi folks,

some months ago I bought a nice big hat army for a reasonable price and a few additions since then. Unfortunately for years to come there will be no opportunity to care for them.

Some models sold now, but still two great core units and some night goblins to begin with.

All price suggestions in EUR.


will keep the rest


Because there was a request:

I would take offers on the axe warriors and bull centaurs, then the other models could be sold single as well.

I try to make fair prizes.:hat off


Pics and price added :-).


I will sell unitwise now as it seemed that enough people were interested in some of the models.

Rest and prices are mentioned above.


Some more sold, would be enough for me. Backbone units still available, maybe someone is interested. Ill give it a try a few days, if nobody wants them Ill keep them in my cupboard, still a great base to start with big hats :-).



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Hi Folks,

I sold some things and other models and got the money I aimed for.

There are no more offers for complete units open and I will not split up the Blunderbusses.

So I will stop the sale now and maybe collect slowly from my core units to a new force :-).

Thanks for all requests.