[Archive] Big hat help

Lord maklai:

Hey I’ve been continuing to sculpt chaos dwarfs and have succeeded in making one that doesn’t look too bad and is (about) the right scale but am struggling as to what design the hat should be if any of you guys could suggest some ideas and maybe draw some too it would be a big help. By the way if you could also offer advice on the staff or weapon design as well, he may be a sorcerer you see:cheers

Thanks Lord Maklai


Well, the classic Chaos Dwarf hat seems to be a rather simple shape-- a long and tall block with lines up the sides for support. Heavy helms with horns also work for Chaos Dwarfs I feel, gives them sort of a ‘bull’ feel. But if you can create faces and armor, the hats should be easy.

As for Hobgoblins:







Just look through the galleries or the various army blogs, I’m pretty sure you’ll find something to your liking there.:hat off