[Archive] Big Hat Large Models Extras for Sale

Viskar Zhragoth:

Hey gang. Some of you may have read that I recently was able to move my mini collection from my old home to my new one (it took 7 years :o) I haven’t sorted out everything, but I have been finding some of my old models…

While I’ve been searching however I also found a lot of other stuff…including one box with 3 lamasu’s and 3 taurus’s. This is on top of several of each that I have boxed or painted. Now I cannot imagine a game where I’ll ever need that many, and I know some people on here still want them.

So basically I thought I’d offer to sell them to people on the forum if they need them for their armies:

I’ll start with

1 Sorcerer on Lammsu - complete but no box

1 Lord on Taurus - complete but no box

If I find any more, I might add. So if you are looking for one, please pm to discuss details. I’m also interested in Hobgoblin Wolf Riders (preferably unpainted/unassembled), so maybe we can make a deal. For cash, I’d prefer Paypal.


pm sent for the taurus

Viskar Zhragoth:

PM sent back :wink:

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