[Archive] Big Hat Warriors in 4th Ed Color Scheme


I thought I’d post a picture of some of the Warriors I’ve painted so far… It might actually inspire me to keep going, as I’m normally the slowest painter in the plain of Zharr - and to be fair, I’m usually more of a gamer and less of a modeler… but I want this army to stand out.

Anyhow, enjoy.  Most of my wargaming friends just shake their head at my enthusiasm for Chaos Dwarfs, so it’s nice to share with people who prefer bull centaurs over bolters.



[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Yay big hats :smiley: Great work Disastro well worth some slaves Loki goes and gets his keys to the slave pen

I am in the same boat as you most of my mates cant understand my love of the big hats, i have been able to convert one to a follower so far, the rest i crush on the battle field :slight_smile:

Please keep your models coming, its great to see more big hats on the site :hat off


Sure your friends will love Chaos Dwarfs, we kick a@§]s :smiley:

Nice to see an old colour scheme sometimes. You even have goblin green bases lol
Why do not you add some sand on bases like they used to do in early '90s? Your bases are a little bare now…


All hail the GW red period ! I was considered a good painter back then :wink: Look forward to seeing more soon !


I tried to paint that colour scheme when I first got CDs. They turned out awful. Those look very good.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I really love those! the shields are especialy nice.


nice and clean paintjob,really like that

when i told an other player some time ago i collect cds he looked at me with that "what a freak"look and said:what are chaos dwarfs?

after telling him he was pretty interested in their background