[Archive] Big Hats From Hell


I’ve seen a few screenshots/artwork from the videogame Dante’s Inferno, and it seems that creatures in hell are very fond of wearing big hats, or at least heads that have a CD hat shape on them. I’ve seen two so far that are pretty clear. One is a lava monster of some kind and another appears to be a big rock creature with a whip.

Could evil big hats be on the rise again?


Sure, why not? Tall hats allways look evil and they are a symbol of masterhood and surpression. Anyways it’s cool for a monster like this because it stands for unnatural strenght to waer a stone hat with this size… so unrealstic… he can be happy that his hat is linked to his head, otherwise it would fall down… :hat

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Big hats are very fashionable, especially when you grow tired of all the curved horns and flamy crown things that are usually worn in hell…

Dead Kennedy:

Yeah, headpieces always make a big dude feel bigger! …Even if you’re already a giant stone dude.

black hammer:

The bigger the hat, the more evil the villain.

Krulgar The Black:

Could evil big hats be on the rise again?

Ahh yes, bought the Death (read special) edition of Dante's Inferno recently, excellent game, monstrously disturbing x.x

The guy in the picture is King Minos, the judge of the damned, he essentially 'tastes' people to discover their sins then throws them on a bloody spiked wheel and cranks them into that level of Hell, lovely jubbly.

And his hat seems to be part epic Chaos Dwarf Hat, and part Crown, plus it even has statues attachted to it! Obviously he's a fan of the Chaos Dwarf fashion sense :hat off

Kera foehunter:

umm he has no beard !! I think his wife made him shave lol now that would be hell