[Archive] big hats!


Awesome work! another way of getting the uniform finish to big hats is to take some palstic rod and cut it into thin discs. Cut the dwarf helmet leaving a rim for the bottom of the hat (as you have)then whack a small sausage of GS and stick one of the discs on top. When the sausage is dry take more GS and sculpt the bit in between. It's cheaper and easier than push pins and you don't take the risk of the shop running out of the ones you're using.

thats a fairly good plan, probably just as easy as push pins but i dunno about cheapness. i used a hell of a lot of greenstuff on my hats as it is! i go through that stuff like no-ones business at the moment. and i bought my push pins from the pound shop. abut 50 for £1, with a couple hundred drawing pins in as well. 2p a hat isnt bad in my opinion, although im not really satisfied with them and will probably brownstuff the basic shape and use greenstuff to smooth the outside on my next unit.

what would be easier, and perfect, would be plastic rod the same width as you want the hat, then just sculpt the details onto it. would be a smooth finish every time!

Groovy cheetah:

nice job i have been wondering how to give my chaos dwarfs big hats. thanks mate


ok, speechless doesnt cover it!!!

How long did those take? I love the beards, the hats are smoothly sculpted, and how did you do the faces?

Like them a lot



they didn’t take all that long really, where all done in a couple of days. atm im working on a few more different sculpts to go allong with my new chaos dwarf blood bowl team which im working on, the faces are fairly easy, i remember saying a while ago i would do a guide on how they’re done… i’ll see if i can knock one up tomorra… watch this space


Those look amazing! Nice conversion!