[Archive] Big horns or Little ones?


I took a couple days off from my sculpting project … and now I am at a conundrum.  What is better ? Big horns ? Little Horns ? No Horns ?

Playing with them now so if you are on let me know what you think.  

Yes the sculpting is a little rough … i just threw them on real quick to get an idea of how to make it look.  

Yes the picture sucks.   taken in poor light with my phone… but it should give the general idea


I prefer the little horns


Gotta say small ones seem better. Big horns for helmets, small ones for real heads. That’s my rule.


kk guys … small horns it is … thanks for the input.

Kera foehunter:

  • snicker snicker *

    well of course the big horns :slight_smile: