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Hi guys,

until now I took my third ed. ones and the FW-CDs with LoA.
Now I am looking at my pile of Bighats and wonder what to do with them,
RH or Thommys List? Acceptance shoudn`t be a problem.

I would like to show you what minis I have and would beg you to throw ideas my way which way to go to create an army list of them! (Slaves to earn!) What would be an good idea to buy next?

What do I have:

Mounted Characters

Lord on great Taurus
Sorcerer on Lammasu
Hobgoblin Hero on wolf
Ghazak Khan

Chaos Dwarf Characters on foot

Hero with Axe 1
Hero with Axe 2

For Units:

37 Bighat Warriors, full command
32 Blunderbusses, full command
6 Bull Centaurs with Standard

37 Hobgoblin Warriors HW/Shield, full command
17 Hobgoblin Archer, full command
11 Sneaky Gits

3 Wolfrider Archers + Bigboss + Standard

2 Bolt Throwers
1 Earthshaker
1 Death Rocket


First of all Core choices, you are well covered with these:

Use your Sneaky Gits to fill the ranks of your Hobbo Archers & Warriors, thus creating a 40/50 men fighting unit or a 20/30 shooting one. Look at Bas’ Blog, he used Wolf riders as unit fillers and the result looks great!!!

I see you haven’t included your 3rd edition unit in the list, why? They look great and you can use the Marauder Mage as a Prophet on foot.

Then Special:

If you connect on the website of Golem Painting Studio and check their facebook page you’ll see that they used Bighat Bull Centaurs on 40x60 bases, and although they are a bit spaced between them the unit looks great!!! Bolg did the same, check out his blog. This means that you have a nice hard hitting unit for support! It shouldn’t be difficult to convert a musician and a champion for them…

Regarding your Warmachines, I know you have a Magma cannon, why it isn’t in the list? Use the Death rocket as a rocket (really?:P) and the Earthshaker as a Hellcannon…


Prophets, Mounts, Daemonsmiths, Khans… You have a nice collection there!!! I’d go for the usual Prophet, BSB, Daemonsmith, Khans…

As your collection of models stands right now I’d center your tactics around a Lord (Taurus?) / Bullcentaurs / Hellcannon (and eventually Blunderbusses) to dish out a lot of hurt, Hobgoblin Warriors/Archers, Infernal Guards w Hw & Sh and Death Rocket to support, and a couple of Khans to redirect.

Bolg uses a similar list and he regularly goes to tournies, check out his Blog or drop him a pm for advice :cheers


…And I just realized now that my answer hasn´t got anything to do with your question :P. Sorry :D! However if your are looking for something new and well balanced go for Thommy´s list! I tried it a couple of times and it really is funny!

It has been discussed a little bit here