[Archive] Biplane Flying Machine


Since some people around here thought about using flying devices for their Chaos Dwarfs, I thought it best to share Darnok’s counts-as Gyrobomber.

Equally useful for 40k. :cheers


Love it. Very slick.


Yeh … its not bad at all But I won’t be going in that direction

Kera foehunter:

Love your idea…:slight_smile: but great minds thin the same way


Haha, that’s ingenious!


Wow, that’s cool…and kinda funny;)

Fuggit Khan:

Cool stuff here, being a fan of WWI models (aircraft in particular) I really like the biplane idea. It’s really not too far fetched for the Warhammer world, considering that Dwarves have gyrocopters, which even in today’s world are a more complex engineering feat than simple fixed wing aircraft…which is why fixed wing aircraft preceded autogyro’s by 20 yrs.

I especially like Kera’s model :cheers


For the expensive build there’s also this great Orkish biplane from SoulDark.