[Archive] Bits websites


Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone has found any good bits websites. I have already discovered Bitsandkits, and also Bitzbox.

All suggestions are welcomed.

Thanks :cheers

Pyro Stick:

TBH those are the only 2 sites in the uk that i can think of that actually have a good stock of bits and is worth ordering from. Theres a lot more sites that cater to the US like hoard o bits and battlewagon bits etc.

This is the only other site ive ordered from. They were one of the only places i could find a good supply of individual bits from the new TK sets when they were released: http://www.letthedicedecide.co.uk/


thanks for that.

letthedicedecide has a good range and unlike bitzbox, it has most of the stuff that I’m interested in in stock.

Da Crusha:

I always went to hoardobits on ebay for all of my bits. recently they sent me a notice that says they opened hoardobits.com havent checked it out yet but I thought Id mention it.


I always order my bits at hoardobits, never checked other site.