[Archive] Black Bastards burning for action


A list full of heavy hitting units, Jorma flies around sniping enemy characters, Matti and unit of fireglaives hang back to protect the war machines and give them rerolls (though hellcannon can also protect the magma cannon) Big unit of bull centaurs to be the hammer that hits hard. BSB goes to infernal guard and they try to dick around.

My only real worries is enemy war machines and big monsters like bloodthirsters that I will struggle to kill, one hellcannon isn’t enough unless I get a lucky shot. Enemy war machines will just kill my taurus since the poor fella doesn’t have any kind of save. Any suggestions? Things I want to keep absolutely in this list is my flying prophet. Maybe change the centaurs for more war machines to get more control of enemy war machines and big monsters.

Sorcerer Prophet Jorma @ 600pts

-Level 4; Lore of Death; Charmed Shield; Earthing Rod; Talisman of Preservation

-Bale Taurus

Daemonsmith Matti @ 160pts

-Level 2; Lore of Fire; Enchanted Shield; Dispel Scroll;

Dark Castellan Seppo @ 200pts

-BSB; Mask of Furnace; GW


20x Infernal Guard @ 347pts

GW; Full Command; Banner of Swiftness

16x Infernal Guard @ 307pts

Full Command; Fireglaive; Pistol


8x Bull Centaur Renders @ 430pts

-GW; Full Command; Gleaming Pennant

Magma Cannon 145pts


Hellcannon 210pts

Total: 2399pts


Here’s also one army list thats proven to be very succesfull, I used this in a local campaing last spring, it’s really cruel list containing lots of warmachines that will just blast the enemy to smithereens! I managed to win the whole Campaing and earned myself a free battalion box of my choosing (I tried to choose chaos dwarf battalion but still wondering why I didn’t receive it!, I then opted to buy some nurgle daemons worth of a battalion box)

These were the only models that I owned at the time so I had to go with them, the tactic was usually just Ashstorm the enemy key unit, not giving it the change to charge my rather weak gunline, and just destroy the enemy warmachines on turn 1 by my superior shooting. Usually my deployment was just dropping the hellcannons to the flanks, normal war machines to the middle with the tank and fireglaives to… the… well they just usually stood in one place watching the cannons do their job.

Things I would change in hindsight is prolly dropping the fireglaives, maybe get some sword&board dwarfes to hold the lines better, maybe drop 1 shrieker for a lvl1 daemonsmith to get more rerolls on those nasty warmachines. Oh yeah, and earthing rod for my General, that *ucker always wants to go meet daemons in the real of chaos, first game I played against Tomb Kings, I roll 2 for winds of magic, “oh well 2 dice ashstorm” douple 6 and bye bye there goes my general.

LORDS (390 pts):

Sorcerer Prophet Jorma @ 390 pts

General; Level 4; Lore of Hashut

Mask of Furnace; Dispel Scroll

HEROES (180 pts):

Daemonsmith Matti @ 180 pts

Level 2; Lore of Death

Chalice of Blood and Darkness

CORE UNITS (610 pts):

17 Infernal Guard @ 289 pts


16 Infernal Guard @ 321 pts

Full Command Group; Fireglaives; Pistol

Banner of Swiftness

SPECIAL UNITS (800 pts):

1 Iron Daemon @ 310 pts


1 Magma Cannon @ 145 pts

1 Magma Cannon @ 145 pts

1 Deathshrieker @ 100 pts

1 Deathshrieker @ 100 pts

RARE UNITS (420 pts):

1 Hellcannon @ 210 pts

1 Hellcannon @ 210 pts