[Archive] Black - Ogres?


As Chaos Dwarfs developed Black Orcs, would it be that weird to have Black Ogres instead of just standard ogres?
I’m not planning to make separate rules, I just think they could look kinda cool, and as i’m on the brink of painting my ogres (fingers crossed for the can of spray delivery.)

[Edit:- What I mean is a black undercoat and a dark angle green highlight as the colour (as in Black-[s]Orc


Color wise, I don’t paint mine all the same anyway… I have red, green, brown, and peach flavored…  there are already chaos ogres… aren’t they pretty much black?

here’s a pic of mine… you can sorta see them…

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Hm, fluffwise, don’t think so… the Ogres came from somewhere else (the far east, before the Great Maw drove them away) and have never been a slave race to the Chaos Dwarfs, so they wouldn’t be tampered with in some crazy genetic experiment. Of course you can still paint your ogres in pretty much any scheme you like, even black.


Awww damn.

Still I think I will anyway, perhaps Black Orcs with Giantism. :confused:


The ogres could have traded some of there own kind for experiments, we know ogre are traders and sometimes trade slaves.


Awww damn.
Still I think I will anyway, perhaps Black Orcs with Giantism. :/

like the one that guy made?

like the idea of a unit full of this monsters

Thommy H:

I think Ogres can be any colour you want, for whatever reason you choose. There’s nothing to say they don’t have any ethnic diversity anyway.


True I was wondering on the fluff side really, and with the history of the Great Maw makes it complicated.

Although its not like there haven’t been Ogres around, so why couldn’t the CD’s have got their hands on a mating pair, and ‘improved’ them the good old Black Orc ‘modifications’?

Yeah, why not, now where is the chaos black??


I wouldn’t worry about it, any cool look you can pull of with Ogres is easily justifiable… especially if they serve Chaos in some way. I’ve painted mine blue for crying out loud.

Plus with as long as Ogres have been around, and the proximity, I could see some being played around with directly or indirectly. We have Chaos Ogres afterall.

Plus with Maneaters, adopting the local culture and all, could even have equipment or gear as appropriate. I’ve seen Arabian Ogres that looked cool… I don’t see why you couldn’t model them off the Zulus with the ever so familiar shield they used.


Cool, I’m going to paint them up now.

Thanks for the feedback on the thought!


I’d say they could develop another stable mutant, but after what happened last time they probably wouldn’t want to.

A rogue alchemist etc could probably make enough for a small unit. :wink:


A rogue alchemist etc could probably make enough for a small unit. ;)

I like your thinking! :hat off


How abouts instead of being a mutant genetic type thing it could be worked fluff wise as countless years of working the human elf and orc slaves for their slavemasters the chaos dwarves the dust of thousands of tonnes of coal shoveled by their elf orc and human slaves has penetraited their thinner skin than the usual black orc due to standing so close to the furnaces of Zhar Naggarund almost tattoing the skin of these ogres black ?


I like it, Ogre coal miners never wash do they? :hat off

Thommy H:

Or they could just be black.


Or they could just be black.

Thommy H
Plus i've just ordered them some micro mates of the Orc variety.
So need to learn a good way of painting the skin tone.

Da Crusha:

wait are you talking about a black ogre as in a dark green flesh tone or are you talking about making them have a dark complexion, like a black person? I thought at first you were talking about the dark green flesh tone but now Im getting confused.


There’s also black as in dark flesh (the paint colour, like negro skin) or black as in chaos black…

Ogres with black (dark grey) skin would be quite cool if done well I think.

Thommy H:

I don’t think that word is an inoffensive as you think it is, Grim…


I think Ogres can be any colour you want, for whatever reason you choose. There's nothing to say they don't have any ethnic diversity anyway.

Thommy H
Like Thommy said there is no reason that the ogres do not have the same ethnic diversity as any of the human races in the real world or the warhammer world , my friend did an dark skinned ogre army and did them based around the theme of voodoo and the darker skin tone worked really well