[Archive] Black Orc conversions


I run the RH list and really want to use some black orcs, but considering the fluff of the current game, they have escaped the hold of the Chaos Dwarfs, so I have recently picked up a box of blood letters.

For my stand in blorc unit I was planning on sculpting beards, scale mail across the legs and waist, and maybe even some big hats for the general look of the model. They’re skin will be painted ashen to resemble the idea of the black orcs as well. Also cover up any khornate symbols on the models too.

What do yall think about that?


Not a bad idea.  Red Beastman with bull-horns would also be a cool substitute for Black Orcs.


Back in the old Realms of Chaos books there were many more types of beastmen. One of these was Bovigor - kind of a Gor-sized minotour. These would make awesome additions to a chaos dwarf army as ‘counts-as’ orcs