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I believe (I might be wrong, I’ve been wrong twice already today!) that black orcs can be taken whichever army list you’re using (I’m using the RH one atm).

So, are black orcs worth taking? I notice they are cheaper in the ong book than they were, and also immune to psychology. If you do take them, how many?

Thanks in advance.


They can be taken with the RH list, not with the new Forgeworld list or the Indy list.

I personally love bringing them to the table (in a horde of at least 35). 2 attacks at S5 in the first round and they dont cause panic as they are slaves.

Alan the evil:

In RH they are a must…

They are our real elite infantry…

With GW choppas they have S7 in the 1st turn!!

The only one with basic S4…

Immune to psicology…

Nothin more to say!


Nothin more to say!
Costly... Too costly...

As we must have CD warriors (with GW if possible), it's very often hard to find points for them... I find them redundant with CD with GW... Even in OnG armies wich do not have any more "elite", I don't see them very often in tourneys...
S7 is very nice, but they lack the WS5... So that they very often hit on 4+... And be hit on 3+... With T4 (good), and save 5+ (with GW), not so awesome...
I have 25 of them, and I play them rarely... But when playing them, I often prefer the additional choppas.

Unit size : 20+ minimum I think. Maybe you can try by 15 but every dead orc can be one attack less...

The RH list lacks something with great killing power (such as a monster)... And I don't think that BO are those we lack... I try BC by 5, for mobility...


Costly... Too costly...

True.. You might consider Biguns as a cheaper alternative. light armour instead of heavy and animosity, but still WS 4 and S4 and additional choppas.

but in a 2000 points list I will make the points available, dont forget they also have M4 a huge advantage over M3 (give your mandatory CD's the banner of swiftness and both you main fighting blocks can march side by side.)

Alan the evil:

a bigun with additional choppas is 3 pt less.

a unit of 20 BO compared with a unit with 20 bigunz is 60 pt more

for 60 pt more we have a unit with:

1- a no animose unit.

2- an immune to psicology unit.

3- +1 TA

4- the option of GW. 1st S7. the only unit with this strenght stat of the whole army.

I vote BO.


You are right… but who brings units of 20 Orcs to a 8th edition game?


I agree they are expensive, so I play a 19 (I have no more) biguns with additional chopa as a “semi-BO” in a 1000 point list, where every point counts. But on 2000 or more list I think BO are the best choice, but never forget biguns are the second BO in our army.