[Archive] Black Orcs as Ironsworn?


I was thinking in purchasing a unit of Black Orcs and using them “counting as” Ironsworn.

I do not like the fact that Tamurkhan mention them without including them onto the army list and I have always been supporter of making “thematic” armies. And I think they would fit with my army (if I manage to change their bases!!!).

What is your opinion? Do you think it can be possible?

Thank you all very much…

Grimbold Blackhammer:

LOL We should first ask - you’re really thinking of fielding a unit of Ironsworn??


You can try to put them in some sort of sumo/dog peeing against a tree kind of pose.


I say go for it, As long as you can get them on 20mm!


Having both the possibility of using k’daii and bullcentaurs as special choice, I don’t think I’ll ever field any Ironsworn in my army. They’re also very point expensive.

A couple of thought:

1. The lack of Black Orcs in the LoA list could be explained by the history of black orcs. According to the lore given in Tamurkahn the black orcs were all driven from Chaos Dwarf territory at a great cost - and the experiment havn’t been repeated. So according t0 8.th edition lore, and if you play games at the setting timeline, Chaos Dwarfs don’t use black orcs as troops no more.

2. The profile of the Iron Sworn would fit nicely to a black orc. But chaos dwarfs giving magic weapons to slaves is unthinkable. Enscorled Handweapons if for the best of the best.

All that being said…

Ofcause you should make a unit of black orcs and field them as ironsworn. Black orcs are freaking awesome! Add some chaos dwarg symbols to them, give them curly beards. Make up some history of your insane dr. frankenstein daemonsmith repeating a forbidden experiment and letting black orcs on the lose again.

Never leave out a good project because of lore.

Looking forward to seeing the result.


Chaos Dwarfs will still use Black orcs maybe as Cohorts far out in enemy territory same as other green skins or Dogs of war.

Blorcs are legit!

Grimbold Blackhammer:

4 editions ago they may have been legit. Now…not so much.


I agree with Bloodbeard. Ironsworn are an impractical Special choice, especially when compared with Bull Centaurs, Fireborn, and Warmachines. Also, they cost 1 point more than Blunderbusses, and that’s only for magical attacks and +1S.

The biggest throwback is that fitting Black Orcs on a 20mm base is going to be absolutely impossible (I tried).

If I were you I’d build a unit of enslaved Black Orcs (chains, mining picks, and gas masks!) just because they would look cool and fluffy. And field them in friendly games.

Time of Madness:

Bloodbeard makes some valid points.

But at the end of the day it is your army and as long as you explain that the black orcs are actually “ironsworn” you shouldn’t have an issue.

To be completely honest the ironsworn are the best option in the book to represent black orcs. The extra “S” can be explained by the different weapon options black orcs have access to.

As other people have touched on, ironsword are the worst choice in the book. In my opinion they should have been an upgrade option for a couple of points to regular “core” infernal guard. This way they would count as core and people might actually take them.

The oop 5th edition black orcs fit on 20mm bases no problem.


Time of Madness