[Archive] Black Sheep - not entirely serious beastmen

Father Grumpmas:

I was a WFB doubles (1200 pts each) competition last weekend, defending my first place from last year. No joy there but I did get to unlease my “Black Sheep” themed beastmen.

Unfortunately Air New Zealand baggage handling managed to damage the army quite a lot on the trip home but I have taken pictures of the figures still in good condition - main victim was my Mad Scientist (Bray Shaman).

Firstly. a link to the film that “inspired” this army


Objective Marker and ambush markers

Leader of the Flock (Wargor)

Weresheep (Gors)

Unit Standards

Infected sheep & goats (ungors)

Mad Pigs (Chaos Hounds)

Killer Kiwis (Furies)

Sheep spawn (Bloodbeast of Khorne)

Rogue Tractors (Tuskgor Chariots)

The Army in action


I didn’t actually get to face this army, but it was certainly amusing.

I’m curious to know how you’re getting on with my Sewer Elves suggestion…


Horray! That movie was great and this army is very amusing. My favorite part in the movie is when a sheep drives the car off of the cliff. It was so surprised! I am pleased that there are beastmen driving tractors here.

Ghrask Dragh:

I like the ‘chariots’!! great army :cheers






Hashut’s Blessing:

Not seen the movie, but this is the epitome of examples of how a theme can be bizarre and yet work so well! My overly sized hat off to you, sir!


does this movie come out in the US of A? if so i really want to see it


I’ve got to se this film. There is something strangly intimidating about sheep. Except in Wales, but we won’t go there…



The tractors are a masterstroke of genuis lol:hat off


LOL, awsome army.


Ha, that’s brilliant! Bizarre, beautiful and creative; me likes it a lot!:cheers

Father Grumpmas:

Preparing some new models for this train wreck of an army

WIP Scarecrow, WIP Brayshaman, Repaired Brayshaman aka the Mad Scientist

WIP Doom Ewe

WIP Sheepotaurs

WIP Beast characters

WIP Chaos Giant aka Mr Dreadful

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

LOL! Mr. Dreadful is awesome. :hat off

Kera foehunter:

Great army Father Grumpmas !!you make feel like i’am at home . Even with the giant godzilla sheep.

Baaa for now

Hashut’s Blessing:

Nice look and I love the new additions :smiley:


LOL, this is a proper army this!

Love the tractors :stuck_out_tongue:


the gors still look like gors to me, but the rest is so cool


What an awesome army! I love it.


Hell, this is a pretty cool army! i’ve heard so often people who made jokes about creating a farm-beastmen-army, but you are the first one who did it, and the result is so freakin’ funny ^^

:hat off

Father Grumpmas:

Some more updates

Leaders of the Flock

"We come in peace" (shoot to kill)

Trick or treat!

Vicious - you hit me with a flower

Three swords are better than two

2011 here we come

Are you looking at me?

The Flock gathers