[Archive] Black sun orcs?


I’ve seen a few old oop orc commands with a sun standard. I believe they were made in 1995 or 1996 but I can’t find a catalog with them anywhere. Latest citadel catalog i can peruse dates up to 1994. What I was wondering is if these metal figures are for a specific unit for example, Big uns or orc boys. I like the feel of the old ocrs more than the later models. Any light shed on this quandary would be most appreciative!


How about this guy:


He was around in the mid 90s.

There was also a converted orc big boss with a sun back banner that made it into several White Dwarf games.


nice, totally pro cornixt. I thought I checked out all the Stuff of Legends page!!


I just love them mini’s i got a few about. There great.