[Archive] Blanderbuss(WIP)


Its new of my evil dwarfs.The mini already finished, but i lost my fotocamera(


Looks cool, did you sculpt it. Or was it bought?


Thats one big gun :o model looks great :slight_smile:


Like this little fella. Especially the handcann…sorry, blunderbuss (love oversized weapons:D), and the armor on his feet. I was thinking to make something similar to my heroes boots… Gotta think about something new now!:mad;P


That would be awesome if it was underslung, effectively having the upper part upside down. At the moment it looks … a little unbalanced?


Great thing this Blunderbuss! :hat

Damn cool thing! :cheers

I think the Chaos Dwarf must be a real “Rambo” to use it properly! :wink:


Kera foehunter:

great job!! love your style of blunderbuss!!


the bigger the gun,the bigger the fun

a gun cant be big enough

i really like that mini,it looks pretty cartoony

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I like it, the muscle structure on the arm is well done. thumbsup

centauro enano:

Great, good job of modeling, I would have used a small brass tube for the gun and so save putty, I love the size of the blanderbuss.

:hat off