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Hello all, I am a rather new (3 months or so) player to Chaos Dwarves, I have  played fantasy however for a few years now, I got back into it at the start of 8th… anyway back onto topic upon rereading the the rule i notice how it state about models and not unit IE each model burns the enemy insted of the unit as a whole but an example i think is needed to explain my point

3 K’daai fire born vs 3 ogres now my interpretation of the rules would the ogres take 7 hits not 3 because 2 from each ka’daai on the sides ( corner to corner for base contact) and 3 from the middle 1 and not just 3 from being in contact with the K’daai unit

also since it says it happens in the combat phase i would also be willing to say this adds to combat res, but i woud like to check these points before i go and play them as such

Thanks in advance



Hi there,

only 3 hits against the ogres.

The rules mean: Every model in base to base contact (with no matter how many) K’Daai takes one S4 hit.

So you basically just count how many enemies touch your K’Daai Unit and that’s the number of hits.

Yes, those wounds then count towards combat res.

Hope that helps.



First off thank you for fast response I am just wondering how you came to your conclusion as to me given that the wording is

“Any Model (Friend or Foe), except another K’daai, in base contact with a K’daai at the start of the close combat phase takes an automatic strength 4 hit"

and later on the burning bright wording it specifies a K’daai unit as opposed to the wording in this rule as " a K’daai model” these things alone make me think that the rules as written are each K’daai inflicts the hits to all models that K’daai is in contact with

i am not trying to say you are wrong just questioning your reasoning to understand myself




I understand your confusion and it could be worded more clearly. (“with one or more K’Daai” for example)

I understand the current ruling as followed:

It basically says, a model takes a hit.

When does it take a hit? When in contact with a K’Daai.

There is no mention of any additional effects for additional K’Daai, it’s simply the condition of being in B2B with a (undefinded) K’Daai.

Basically it’s the enemy receiving a hit, instead of the K’Daai dealing ist.

If the K’Daai would inflict the damage like in:

“Every K’Daai deals an automatic S4 hit to every model in B2B”

it would look entirely different…

Does this make any sense to you?



Cheers mate, yes I understand i think maybe it was the rules lawyer in me but your ruling does seem more fair thank you :slight_smile:



Haha, I think a true rules lawyer could much more argue, that there’re no hits at all, when there’re more than 1 K’Daai in contact.

“Only hits, when in contact with a (1) K’daai” ^^

Glad we solved your concern.