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Blind Berzerker:

Well, here it is; my very first post on CDO… :hat off

Personally, I could not think of making a more dramatical entrance; a first post, showcasing the winner of a very hard fought contest. First and foremost, I would like to take off my (slightly oversized) horned helmet to all of you who competed together with me; the standard was very high indeed and I am surprised and humbled to have done so well… Also, a big thank you to the organisers of the contest; I know this kind of thing always puts the pressure on and it can be a very taxing endeavour indeed. Oh; and of course thank you to all who voted for my entry; cheers!

I saw there’s a who’s who thread somewhere, so I will introduce myself a bit more elaborately there. Suffice to say I ended up on this great forum through a web search for Chaos Dwarfs (no surprise there I suppose). I have recently started a Chaos Dwarfs Blood Bowl team (after my Goblins had failed me one time too many. That is to say; they have never won or even tied just one match…) and sought some inspiration.

So, when I stumbled in here, I was so inspired, I decided to finally get that Big Hat army I had always wanted. I dug up my meagre collection of evil stunties and accompanying Hobbos and set to work, until I noticed the announcement for the GH13 contest and on a whim, I decided to enter.

So I signed up, but due to circumstance, I didn’t get the chance to actually post anything (real life has a habit of getting in the way, doesn’t it :wink: ). By the time I did find the opportunity though, my entry was finished (a couple of hours before the deadline of course), and maintaining radio silence seemed like a fun way to remain that one mysterious outsider everyone talks about. You know; handsome stranger and all…

Anyhow; I can now finally break the silence and post a (very) abreviated bloggish series of pictures of my entry. Yay!

When I came up with the idea, the first thing I did was doodle it into my notebook as a starting point.

I later also scribled down the construction of the boiler, its plumbing and the whistle’s lever. I also worked out the facial expression a bit better (which doesn’t come across very well on the pictures, but quite matches my later drawings in real life. So my photo skills need some serious brushing up. Also because almost all of the subtle blending and shading on the mini completely failed to show up on my entry pictures. But with no time or remaining photographic skill left, I simply had to go with them).

Believe it or not by the way, but this is the very first full sculpt I have ever attempted. However; I do have my share of conversion work under my belt and have been in the hobby since the late eighties, so luckily I’m not a complete novice.

I did read up on sculpting techniques and basics though, so I started out with a wire frame, made out of paperclips:

The first part I created was the whistle/hat, which was made from a piece of 1/72 aircraft ordnance (of which I havve enough to start and decisively conclude a minor brush war), with the ends cut off, to leave a plain cilinder, which I capped with pieces of plasticard. I then added the cone on top with putty. I use ProCreate almost exclusively, with some Green Stuff here and there as foundation and bulk. I simply find it to be a much nicer material to work with…

I then added the basic shape in GS over the wire frame. It was then that I decided to add a bit more dynamism into the pose by making him twist to the left, which makes him visually more appealing when compared to my initial drawing.

As the globbed on GS was way too bulky, I then dry sculpted it back to the right proportions with a sharp blade.

On top of this basic shape, I then started sculpting the final shapes and the surface detail. Luckily, scale mail is very easy to do, as that was the first area I tackled. Sadly though, most of the sculpting on the back later disappeared under the zany steam contraption…

Next up was the face, which was one of the two parts I dreaded the most (the other being the left hand), but surpisingly, it went very well. I suppose studying those tutorials on the web really paid off…

Then, inevitably, came the other area I feared; the rather difficult left arm, which was complicated even more by the twist I added to his pose. This forced me to cut away the entirety of the GS foundation for the arm and work the pose back from the finger in his ear all the way down to his elbow and sleeve. I had to do this in stages. The first one I had to take off again, as it looked like Hobbo dung. The second try was much better, but really rough. So I had to go back, cut some parts back again and smoothen out the work I did in my second try. But in the end it looks pretty good, all things considered. The second stage is shown in this picture.

Then came the big moment of merging the hat and its wearer. At this stage, I also added the other parts, such as the boiler, chimney, plumbing, lever and chain. I was inspired by Astrogoth’s boiler for this, so I used an old (and damaged, out of a bitz buy) Hero Quest Ork head for this, with a boiler made out of a 1/72 cluster bomb (fuse used as water tank cap). The demon’s face was sculpted on with some more ProCreate. The plumbing consists of a piece of soldering wire, some round plastic sprue, plasticard/rod/pipe and a piece of a WH40K Space Marine Missile as a valve knob. The chain is from some WHFB Chaos Marauder flails and the lightning bolt end is also plasticard. Finally, some last detailing (such as the rivets all over the mini and the arrows on the whistle/hat) was done and he was ready for undercoating!

Finally, here is an alternative shot of the finished product, from a higher angle than the entry pics.

I do plan on cleaning up some of the painting, especially the triangles on the chimney; they’re too rushed by far. I will exchange them for red and yellow ones forming a band around the chimney’s top, bordered in black. I will also add borders to the triangles on the sleeves and clean up the line where the plate mail meet the fabric of his tunic, possibly blacklining inbetween the two colours.

As I am a very slow painter to begin with, I am not dissatisfied with the final result, as I did the entire paintjob, including undercoating, on Sunday 31st. Had I taken a bit more time, I am confident the end result would have been better. Which is why I was so surprised to find I had actually won, even though I had been aiming for a top three placing (I even ceremonially slaughtered 13 kittens and 1 newt to ensure my success). :idea:

All in all, it was a great (and fun) experience and I am confident enough in my skills now, to want to sculpt more Chaos Dwarfs! I have taken up the plan to sculpt, and cast in white metal, multipart CHaos Dwarfs to create my CD army, as Ebaying all the required models will be prohibitively expensive. Let’s hope I will be able to pull off this monumental task I have set myself to…


Blind Berzerker

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Thommy H:

Well, welcome to the site - and quite a welcome it is, as you said yourself. I voted for your entry, because the quality of the sculpt and the paintjob was very clear to me. When looking through the entries, yours didn’t actually jump out at me at first, but when I looked more closely I could see the work and skill that had gone into it - as your blogesque pictures demonstrate. I’m not aware of anyone making quite this kind of entrance before, so I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future.


Wow, first post, first attempt at sculpting, great job! Welcome to the site, look forward to seeing some more of your work!


Yes a definite welcome for such an entrance to the site. Loved the model, voted for it, Did sort of suspect it was a blood bowl figure but not that BB was merely the starting inspiration and that it was actually a whole sculpt. Even more blown away now that I’ve seen the WIP pic’s.


I voted for this, but I didn’t realise it had been entirely sculpted! Shows just how good the sculpting is that I figured it was an original converted a bit. :slight_smile:

We include pictures of the winning entries in the Word of Hashut ezine, so if possible can you do your tidying up and take some fresh pics in time for WoH #11?

Send a pm to Willmark when you’re done.


Like it a lot and it had my vote!

Great entrance and nice to see someone else from Breda here!! :slight_smile:


dutch ftw!:smiley:

really nice sculpt( how obvious, it’s GH winning mini)


Great intro!! And Congratulations, you had my vote… and my mental vote for 1st place ;)  

Of course your first post showing up with a Gold medal for a GH means the bar has been set and we’re going to be expecting more!! :hat off

Welcome to the forum, hope you have fun and enjoy… be sure to post more please!!


PS I especially like the finger in the ear… great touch!!


Haha, cute drawing! Great GH entry and welcome aboard! Looking forward to see a blog with more stuff… :slight_smile:


WOW didn’t realise he was a fresh sculpt!

Really deserved 1st place now!


I have to echo everyone else’s comments. What an introduction and with a seriously nice sculpt and paint job.

You more than deserve that GH gold. If your army continues along this line it will be incredible. I’m really looking forward to it.

The only negative side is that I feel ashamed to update my own blog after seeing stuff like this!

Welcome to the forum,



Welcome to the site and congrats on the win, very impresive sculpt and like every one else i cant wait to see more, also good to see big hats in the back ground of one of the pictures as well :hat off


I voted for this, but I didn't realise it had been entirely sculpted!  

so did i! x.x


It really looks fantastic, and your sculpting skill are very impressive. Can you please give us so more pics of the painted model from more angels :slight_smile:


Welcome to the site beserker and what a 1st impression! Like everyone else I’m really pressed with your sculpting and can’t wait to see more of your work…and more big hats too!


Welcome aboard - a great entry and a well deserved 1st place - like other, I do not hope this was a on night stand :rolleyes:


Damn skippy that this won. Impressive to say the least!


I really like your sculpt. This is such a unique way of looking at the Big Hats, that it indeed made my laugh, which I am sure was the intention. You have made me, want to go to work area, and start sculpting, but the fear of my bad results, is keeping me right here at the computer. :slight_smile:


Stunning work! I love the WIP pictures!

oh and welcome to the forum (:

Blind Berzerker:

Thanks all; all those positive reactions almost make me blush under my helmet. Almost… But I really am really proud of this achievement! Now to live up to the hype and churn out more great stuff.

We include pictures of the winning entries in the Word of Hashut ezine, so if possible can you do your tidying up and take some fresh pics in time for WoH #11?

Send a pm to Willmark when you’re done.

No problem; I’ll probably be able to do so sometime this week. The corrections and cleaning up I want to do will (hopfully) add to the overall look of the model, which means it won’t be in the same state as it was when it was entered. Won’t that be an issue, as the new pics will not be representing the exact winner anymore? If required, I can take other pics before I wet the brushes one more time…
Like it a lot and it had my vote!

Great entrance and nice to see someone else from Breda here!! :slight_smile:

Cheers; there seems to be a disproportionally large Dutch presence on this board. Nice. So to all fellow Dutchmen; als je op me hebt gestemd; bedankt!
It really looks fantastic, and your sculpting skill are very impressive. Can you please give us so more pics of the painted model from more angels :slight_smile:

I do have some extra pics and I’ll post them, but as I will be taking some extra shots at Grimstonefire’s request, I will take some more to post later…
Welcome aboard - a great entry and a well deserved 1st place - like other, I do not hope this was a on night stand :rolleyes:

Sure baby, I had a great time. Hey; gotta go now, but I promise I’ll call you tomorrow, 'kay? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: