[Archive] Blog? Why not... (Snotling's Chaos Dwarfs)


That’s truly awesome. I love the scheme especially. (much like mine except I used black instead of brown for the cloth as I paint my bases brown for all my armies). I really like the shading on your general’s cloak, how did you do that?


Those my friend are some great figures.

Oh and Xandor I know kris Aubin I met him at GW bashore.


Did you go to another forum, like warseer or something where I was a Xand-o-r? Hehe, usually I go by Xander if it is not taken.

Kris is a champion of the Chaos Dwarf army, though he kinda wussed out and used the Dwarf Army List.


These are probably the finest CDs I have ever seen!

Traitor King:

Wow, some great Chaos Dwarfs, truely inspiring.

I love the bases, i might just have to steal the idea :wink:

I also realy like how you did such a great slayer conversion. it looks amzing!


to be continued… here :hat off



Snotling’s army is a true inspiration! Good Job!


Those industrial dwarfs look awesome.

They loosely remind me of the cyclops in strike in that old baron of Munchausen movie.


Its’ just great - nothing more nothing less :slight_smile:

Every single figure, is just inspiring - of course the bases a just one of many great details in your army :slight_smile:


make more models Snotling!!!#?&*#$@!!!


Snotling comes and goes sadly so its waiting time for many of us for a true master of the craft.


I also add my vote to the demand for more Chaos Dwarfs Snotling-style!


Snotling, you’re one of the two persons (wonder who is the other :rolleyes:) who pushed me back to my old dream to own a Chaos Dwarf army! Get back to your project, we wanna more! :hashut


Was the other one Ishkur? The entire showcase gallery made my mind up for me!


Was the other one Ishkur? The entire showcase gallery made my mind up for me!

Too easy :D yes it was Ishkur's army. It's packed with masterpieces. I'd like to see more updates from him too :hashut


Bassman, don’t forget to flatter yourself! yours is already up there with the BEST of them!

Kera foehunter:

He an artist !!! he want to make a grand come back, so he probably working on something grand

to out do himself