[Archive] Blood Angels. Librarian Dreadnought


Blood Angels. Librarian Dreadnought.Conversion. It is made in 2010


Zonk, that’s an amazing conversion. The ribbons from the purity seals look great!


Nice ! I like a lot :smiley: great cloth work and aquillas ! you simply must tell us how you do this


Very impressive! I agree, the purity seals look great.


This is a truly beautiful conversion. If GWs version was as good as this I’d have one in my army like a shot!


Very inspiring! Good job on this conversion, it looks like it should’ve been this way all along!

Would love seeing some sculpting tutorials by you some day! (:


Nice. You certainly did a good job on making him “Battle damaged”, and on the scrolls.


Ishkur Cinderhat:

Cool! :o

I’m curious, what are the banner and the purity seals made of?