[Archive] Blood bowl Getting started

Kera foehunter:

need help getting started!

i know a lot of you play it . They are starting a fall tourment here and

i know nothing about it. So where do i start.

do they still have rules ?? and could you explain the game in simple terms .Remeber i’m a girl

thanks kera


Good choice, Kera. Blood Bowl is a great game and easy to pick up.

The rules are available in PDF form from the GW site here.

If you want to see what other people are doing, TalkBloodBowl is the premiere site. You need to register before you can access the forums, but there’s a lot in the way of painting/modelling and rules clarifications there.  

Finally, for some kick-ass miniatures galleries you can check out The Old Skool Picture Archive.

And I don’t think I can plug anymore sites. Good luck, always Go For It to get that Blitz, and let me know if I can help with anything else.

zorn sabretooth:

buy the starter boxset which contains everything you need to plAY

Kera foehunter:

do they still sell them at gw or do i need to look at e-bay


I don’t recommend the starter box at all. It has a pitch, templates and block dice. The rulebook is out of date, and the teams are a bit ‘meh’ compared to what you could convert or the metal teams available. I’d recommend getting the free rulebook linked to above, reading it through twice, then decide what team you want to play as.

At that point look for figures you could easily convert, or just get the metal teams from GW mail order.

Kera foehunter:

ok ??? now im back to the part where i started . i like the conveted blood bowl idea thow


What race are you thinking of starting? I assume they will be pirates?

Keep in mind the halfling team…i could be wrong, but i think their treeman could pick up the player with the ball and throw him towards the endzone.

As for the game itself, (bearing in mind your a girl) imagine a cross between rugby/american “football” and a brawl. Its been donkeys since i’ve played it, but i think there are rules for kicking a guy when he’s down. The aim of the game is to score as many goals…possibly touch downs…as you can within the time limit (turns)

Hope that helps

Kera foehunter:

sweet thanks al and how did you know pirates lol


Your best bet would be to try a couple of practice games at your club or wherever is running the tourney just to see how the rules work.

Try playing as Humans and as Orcs, as both races are pretty “base-line” for attributes and abilities. Humans play a bit better passing game, as they can field specialized Catchers. Orcs are a bit better at smashing their opponents into the turf. They have no Catchers, but can field Black Orc Blockers instead.

Then once you get a feel for what kind of playstyle appeals to you more, you can better decide what team you want to play. Elves excel at the passing game, there being minor differences for High, Wood, and Dark Elves. Dwarfs are the masters of the steamroller running game(literally). Undead aren’t the most skilled players, but they just keep getting up and coming back for more.

As far as converting a team goes, you only need 16 players on a team, so any plastic regiment box will give you more than enough minis. I’ve seen Orc teams made from either fantasy or 40K boxes. Chaos Marauders make a good starting point for Norse, and the Empire free company box would make for a great pirate team. I’d definately go with converting a team over buying a metal one. Most of the 3rd edition teams are pretty ‘Meh’ honestly.

Kera foehunter:

i was at the gw store today .wow they loved the chaos dwarf t-shirt too.

i talk to some guys and in a couple of weeks i going to watch the game

so i can see how they play it too


I’ve just strated up bloodbowl. Converting teams is obscenely easy. I use space ork/WFB orc bits for my Orc team, with plastic and metal blockers. 5th ed nightgoblins and original CD sculpts for my CD team, and Cadians for my humans. Teams are really easy to convert and there are no huge armies to paint either.


The Cadians as humans is a pretty sweet idea AGPO, i take it you shave all the tech off of them. Do you paint their armour in wood effect?

Don’t spose pictures would be too much to ask for?

zorn sabretooth:

my cathay team



The problem with not getting the starter box is that you have to make the pitch, templates, dugouts, etc, all yourself and they won’t look as nice. I had a link in another BB thread that made printable versions, but you’d still have to glue several sheets of paper together to make the pitch. If anyone uses it then tell me how well it works, I’ve never tried to print it.


bloodbowl is a great game its fun and fairly simple after youve played a game or 2 though i would check if the shop you go to or the person your going to play with has a copy of the counters, field, and block dice that comes in the starter set as you need them to play. thats the only thing i hate about bloodbowl but then again i guess its the only way gw could get people to buy the starter set since they offer the rules for free.

Kera foehunter:

i seen the Girl bunny team ha ha …i know one of you guys have to play them.

but in a week im going to get started on my team.

Hashut’s Blessing:

What race will your pirate team be, Kera? Also, I’ve seen Bloodbowl starter boxes in a few GWs (admittedly, one was Covent Garden in London, so it’d likely have some specialist games stuff). However, I’ve never known which races come in the box? Surely, for £50 it should (note: SHOULD does not mean DOES. It’s my opinion :wink: ) have several teams in it because the WH and 40K ones were £50 (newer ones are £40) and have ARMIES in, as well as rules, dice, templates and measuring sticks…


the bloodbowl starter set comes with (in my opinion) the 2 best team in the game orcs and humans (the best because of versatility) and Chaos dwarfs come in after those two, Though the starter set models are a little ugg it still comes with two 12 man teams that are worth about 45-50 us dollars each plus you cant get any of the stuff you need anywhere but the starter set. So to Kera i suggest using the human list for your pirate team as its very versatile though not necessarily the models (though there cool)