[Archive] Blood Bowl Orc Team and Troll Released




A tad too much plate on the Orcs in general beyond the actual Black Orcs, but they’re great for all that! Particularly the movements.

Daring pose for the troll. Usually a rule of thumb is not to obscure the face since that is the focal point. I like the sports like pose the more I look at it.

The new Blood Bowl range is shaping up mighty fine. The Dwarfs are something of a letdown, I’ll grant, but on the other hand we’ve had fantastic Skaven and we might even see plastic Chaos Dwarfs and Halflings if we’re lucky!

Beyong the pitch, the Orcs are very useful for conversions, although one might wish to scale back the armour on non-Black Orcs. Whether or not that’s desirable, the throwers are great in any case. I’d like to convert one to throw spears. And the troll is obviously really useful in Warhammer Fantasy. I can see lots of hobbyists coming up with great conversions based on its pose of motion.

The Old World do continue to receive its GW treats indirectly in this way. :cheers

We also have this Orc star player from FW, part of a bundle:


Aren’t these also the orcs from the first blood bowl bundle? I like armour, but I feel like the amount of armour doesn’t reflect the AV, same with dwarfs.

Troll is very nice!


I can’t tell if I like the troll. The pose and paintjob make it a confusing mess. Hopefully the gobbo with the ball is removable.