[Archive] Blood bowl team and sheilds


I have reached a minor problem, I have decided to use the blood bowl hobgoblins and chaos dwars as the basis for conversions and can’t decide wether to are them with bows or hand weapons and sheilds due to their poses. Also, I cannot decide which sheild to use on the dwarfs, here are the two options:

Option 1


Option 2


I will appreciate any help. :cheers

For quick reference, here is the link to the team:



Nice choice, although you may find that you’ll want to increase the amount/level of conversion and modification as you progress if you’re going to do this with any great number of models, and their numbers are rather limited. I don’t envy you the price tag of a unit of GW Bloodbowl Bull Centaurs… unless of course you’re considering some of the ‘fantasy football’ evil dwarf models that are out there too. Some of them are stellar models.

I’d recommend going with Option 1 for the Chaos Dwarfs and Option 2 for the Hobgoblins.

The Chaos Warrior shields are just so much better for the “Masters” while the slaves should have the Marauder ones as they just look a little less well maintained (some of them anyway).

That third Chaos Dwarf from the left in the reference image looks like he should be pulling a lever on a scratch-built warmachine or Iron Daemon :wink:



Thanks for the advice, I hadn’t noticed the bull centaur character and he looks pretty sweet so I’ll probably use him as the hero choice in the WF book. I hadn’t thought of using option 2 on the hobgoblins but it will actually will look really cool. Thankfully I wasn’t planning on taking a unit of bull centaurs as I prefer a artillery heavy army that is defended by rock hard units of warriors and hordes of hobgoblins :smiley: