[Archive] Blood Bowl Video Game?! Let's Get the Chaos Dwarfs In There!


Everyone who has voted, reply here, and I will make a list of people who have voted so far. Then we’ll know who to nag!


Just voted taking us to joined 3:rd place with Norse :slight_smile:


I am honestly shocked that despite two threads encouraging voting, there have only been a handful of votes come from this site’s patrons :frowning:

I think it started at 32, and now has 36 votes total …

After you vote, and post here as Xander suggested, feel free to add the “I voted” banner, which Furrie explained how to do HERE! :slight_smile:


nah, when i posted my thread we were forth with 23 votes, now we are third with 41 votes within a few days, i would call this a very succesfull operation…:cheers

and most important we left the halflings far behind! 'cause this is really a silly race…to be beaten by dark elves and undead, i could live with that 'cause these are very well respected teams in the blood-bowl comunity with a honourable history

so thanks to all cd-fans, great job!!! and i also wouldn’t take this poll to serious, because cyanide stated, that they plan to include all the missing races, when the game is a success, so let’s hope that it’s a hit, than the chaos dwarfs will be included sooner or later

but no reason to stop voting, it couldn’t hurt:hat off


Yep, full speed ahead, time to catch the Dark Elves!


Strange the quantity of votes for Chaos Dwarfs didn't change after's furrie's vote.
P.S. i'm registred as LAlB

Lord Archaon
I voted a day before I told it here :P


I voted, but it doesn’t look likely that we’ll get anywhere near the Undead.

Knight Of Awsome:

I voted, come on only 6 more votes to get to the Dark Elves!


I voted, but it doesn't look likely that we'll get anywhere near the Undead.

Believe it or not, on any given day, 81 registered CDO members visit this site. We could take this poll if they all voted.


I am convinced we could lead in this poll, but it would involve sending PMs to people in the link above, and really getting people to think about doing it.

To claim your 50 slaves for voting, please send me a PM with a link to the post you have made on the Poll thread where you no doubt have promoted Chaos Dwarfs! Look for this image, , beside the word "Posted" to grab the link. Sample link: http://www.cyanide-studio.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=2081351#2081351

Send Xander a PM now!

(I have awarded some already, and I am now off for the weekend, so expect those slaves Monday)


Wow, looks awesome, went and voted, cant wait for that game…


well, returning to CDO again, and voting now, so I want 50 slaves now !!!:stuck_out_tongue:

PS: bloodbowl rules!!!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Annoyingly, I’m waiting for my confirmation atm.


CD are second at the moment, we need 22 votes more to be even with the undead


just voted took me forever to register though. curse you laggy computer of mine

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’m going to retry.

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Is it telling anyone else that their e-mail address has been banned?



Current count is 55 v 72



Current count is 55 v 72

Passed Dark Elves by 5! Lets keep it going folks great job!

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Rattler, create a wowmail account and it shall work!


I had my say! CDs :slight_smile: we’re in 2nd place guys! which is awesome. only like, 5% back too. :slight_smile:

I’m Sojourn over there too. why complicate things? :stuck_out_tongue: