[Archive] Blood Bowl Video Game?! Let's Get the Chaos Dwarfs In There!


We are now leading the poll with a margin of 3 votes! Well done to all! Just goes to show you what we can do as a force united for Chaos Dwarfs! You all have my thanks for a job well done!


We are currently in second place behind the Undead in the poll to choose the next race to be added to the new Blood Bowl game!

We don’t need to tell you what this would do for Chaos Dwarfs. If you haven’t already, take two minutes to register and vote in the poll! We’re offering 50 slaves to everyone who votes for Chaos Dwarfs. PM Me me with a link to the post you make on the poll thread to claim your slaves!

Let’s close the gap!


Arzack has brought to our attention a new video game:

Now, the Chaos Dwarfs are not yet in the game, but on the developer’s forum, there is a poll to decide what new armies will be added to the game after its initial release.

The time has come! Show your support for Chaos Dwarfs on the main stage! Sign up for their forum and cast your vote for Chaos Dwarfs!!


This site recommends the use of Internet Service Provider email address, and rejects things like Yahoo and Gmail. If you need a new email address that is acceptable, try signing up for a Wowmail account. Once signed up, you can use that email to register and cast your vote. I am sure they won’t mind us using Wowmail accounts, as they mostly just want to ensure real people are signing up and not bots. :slight_smile: I for one do not have an ISP email, and if I do, I don’t even know how to use it!

Special thanks to Arzack, who despite being new to the forums, has brought this bit of news to our attention!

Go forth, Sons of Hashut, and make our voice heard!


Pyro Stick:

I signed up and voted (doubt i will ever use that forum again though) but i dont know how much good its going to do us. We need about 45 more voted to get ahead of Undead. At the moment we are in 4th place in the poll.


dont be so pessimistic - we can do it, at least we should try… everybody go vote!!!


Everyone had better be voting in this…

I just did! Took all of 2 minutes to register and vote.


I voted!

Come on everybody, lets make this happen!


You know what kind of mass appeal this would generate for the Dawi’zharr? Like insane amounts of mainstream attention!!

Ghrask Dragh:

Yes, this could be big if we can get them on there, I know there is a hell of alot more than 40+ members at the bottom of the forum page so we can definetly do it!! (you know you want to!)



My vote has been cast.

zorn sabretooth:

hrmm doesn’t seem violentv enougn

@*?!& i can’t vote i think thy’ve closed it

who wants norse their bascially a human team for crying out loud


if your any kind of fan of chaos dwarfs you must do this,


Keep it up guys, get your friends to vote too!


I am shocked that we can’t get more people to do this, it really doesn’t take much time, and the attention that getting the CD’s into the game might garner would pay dividends to the Warhammer Fantasy CD’s as well. Nothing beats face time in the media and in the imaginations of avid gamers everywhere!

Here is to hoping this is just a weekend slump, and that the regulars will ante up soon!


Really can’t wait to get my hands on this video game. Really hope, that this will cure the urge to start out a Blood Bowl team too.

Joined in the name of TyrantZhurak and voted!


I’m just waiting for the email to complete my registration


Ok, I am prepared to offer 50 slaves to everyone who votes.

Sign up, cast your vote in the poll, and make a post on the thread itself. All voters so far will receive their slaves shortly. :slight_smile:

Lord Archaon:

I’ve voted but it took me 10 minutes to register though.

P.S. we need one more vote to be 3rd in that poll.


I voted :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m glad I have a school email account :P)

Lord Archaon:

Strange the quantity of votes for Chaos Dwarfs didn’t change after’s furrie’s vote.

P.S. i’m registred as LAlB

Hashut’s Blessing:

About to sign up and vote. Sorry, I’ve been looking after my girlfriend for the past few days and will be for the next few weeks. So, my apolgies, but I’m etting around to it.

Ghrask Dragh:

Come on guys, just a couple more votes and we’ll pass the norse team and go into 3rd place!!

PS. Good man HB, hope she feels better soon!