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Tarrakk Blackhand:

Hi everyone!

I’m planning out a Blood in the Badlands Campaign for my hobby store, Monster Hobbies in High River, Alberta, Canada, using the GW book of the same name.

Since I only have one Warhammer Fantasy gaming night a month, the campaign I’m running for the store will cover 1 full year. I’m starting Friday, March, 22nd 2013 with the “Spring” campaign from the book.

Now, I want to put my Chaos Dwarfs in the campaign and I’m wondering if any of you guys made up some special rules for the Chaos Dwarfs like they have for the other races on page 20 of the book. (I’m hoping that Thommy H and the gang came up with something 22 months ago and that they could post a link.):hat off

Also, I’m a little “Green” on the actual army development for this campaign, and I’ve never actually run one of these before either. Has anyone done this before and does anyone have any suggestions that could help me run this one?

ThanX for the help!

P.S. Here’s my store calendar - set to March 2013, in case you guys want to see what I have planned out.



I combined Dark Elf and Dwarf:

The Chaos Dwarfs capture slaves to toil in their mines. For every battle won in the previous turn, a Chaos Dwarf player gains +1 to any rolls on the Mine table. In addition, Chaos Dwarf mines add +1 to the fortification saves of the tile they are in.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Thank you…I was looking that over and I think the Dark Elf slave idea works well. I was just thinking about leaving off the part about “The Rivers” and runing it as such, but your idea about adding to the fortification is nice too!

Kera foehunter:

You should do fine Mr. T.

it your store. So i guess they will play by your rules lol :slight_smile:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

LOL…well, I want to keep it close to the book.

I am thinking of not using the Flying Fastness…but I gues that’s really the whole climax of the battle.

The thing is, currently everyone wants to play 40K…I don’t know that in March I’m going to get anyone to play Blood.

Looks like I’m going to have to pay Greyhound to bus you and Swiss Dictator up here to play the game with me!

Kera foehunter:

The 2 places that i play warhammer. They start in the spring  game play 8 weeks and do the same
in September.This is for campaigns or sieges they have a sign up sheet to see how many armys .

So i think your be fine Mr. T  Well that will be the time the snow melt up  in the Great white North :slight_smile:
Btw   do you have parking for Dog sleds ?

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Kera, you’re so old school…!

Kera foehunter:

But with a dog sled you will not freeze to death . plus you always have a warm meal if you get

lost in the wild

You can’t eat money or plastic :slight_smile:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

But with a dog sled you will not freeze to death . plus you always have a warm meal if you get
lost in the wild

You can't eat money or plastic :)

Kera foehunter
That's what you think!:D

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Ok guys and girls…what do you think of this?

On Feb. 23rd, 2013 Kip, Whitt, and I sat down and shared some ideas about what our Warhammer Fantasy Battles campaign �?oBlood in the Badlands�?� should be like. Later via Facebook Chat Interface, Paulo offered some other suggestions that can help the game too.

As we all agreed upon in a previous Facebook post, our selected race will have a grand total of 3000 points towards their three armies. In other words, you will be able to construct three 1000 point armies to conquer the Mighty Empires tile map.

Each army will have three named Generals to lead each unit. Their names can come from heroes in your army book, or new names you create yourself. As the Campaign progresses, these generals and their units can advance to �?oRegiments of Renoun�?� as described in the book.

One of these three Generals will be �?oElected�?� to be your Grand Leader.

The final objective will be to conquer as many of the map tiles as possible by time the campaign ends, on March 22nd, 2014.

Since we are not using the Fozzrik�?Ts Flying Fastness or the Storms of Magic battles as suggested in the campaign book in our campaign, we have eliminated the initial �?oMove the Fortress�?� step on the Mighty Empires Map. The new turn steps will be discussed later.

Also, any reference to earning �?oRelics�?� will be replaced with D6 x 10 points worth of free magic items from the core rule book. We agreed that the items would come from the rule book as opposed to individual army books because these would be special items that were hidden on that map tile that you discovered after the battle. Fluff wise�?�the item could be in an abandoned building, a cave, or what-have-you.

We also agreed to use the Random Events Table on P.17, the Post-Battle Charts on page 19 and allow the Racial Abilities on p. 20-21. My Chaos Dwarfs get a combination of the Dwarf Mine advantage and the Dark Elf Slaver advantage since they are not included in the campaign book.

Tile upgrades (Mine, Castle, Village, etc) will be in effect as well.

The new step sequence will be :

Step 1 : Random Map Events

Step 2 : Move Your Armies

Step 3 : Declare War

Step 4 : Roll to check the production of your Mines

Step 5 : Fight Battles

Step 6 : Resolve Victory and Defeats

Step 7: Resolve Expeditions

Step 8 : End of Turn

Scenarios will include the scenarios outlined in the Blood in the Badlands book for each season and the Warhammer Rule Book. (Castle Sieges, Capture the Watchtower, etc) We can also make up our own based on the �?oTerrain�?� of the Mighty Empire Tiles and the buildings we find there, aka - Forest Tiles, Swamp Tiles, Mountain Tiles�?�Castles, Towns, Mines�?�

A �?oGamers Package�?� with more detailed versions of these steps will be provided to players in early March.

Please make sure that you have your current army book FAQ from the Games Workshop Website (Under �?oGames�?�) before you bring your army to the battlefield.


I actually got a “House Rule” from one of the guys who wrote the book. He used to be a manager in my local Store.

I am going the same thing as you, i am running a Badlands in my Local Area, and i am using CD.

The Rule was that your Cities and Fortresses (Both buildings) also include and behave like Mines. So you roll on the chart, and if it collapsed it collapses, but you still keep the city of fort or whatever.

Thats a House rule, and was not official, but was from one of the players in that Book, and my group are all happy with that and we have every army represented.


I am working on my own map campaign based on the Blood in the Badlands.  On the inside of a Dwarf/Chaos Dwarf holding, they would be very different but I don’t think they’d seem very different to a non-dwarf.  I decided to give Chaos Dwarfs and Dwarfs the same bonus.  Fortified mines.  Fluffwise, they’d both treat their mines and fortresses as interchangeable in their own minds.

Since sea travel plays a big part in my campaign I gave Dark Elves and High Elves identical sailing bonuses.  Like the dwarves they derive their strengths from the same cultural roots and more alike than they are different.