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Hi evryone,

I am quite new on this website so forgive me to be messy (plus i am french)

I am an amateur sculptor specialised on Bloodbowl stuff.

I am sculpting a chaos dwarf and this is my 5th or so attempt to create the perfect mini. x.x . As a reminder the word amateur is not humility but ashaming reality ;P.

So many questions are coming :

I made a body with already a rugby suit : short, shoulder “very light” pad, soccer shirt. For him I got two questions

1/ one of his arm is looking at the sky, i need six ideas to make difference. was thinking of butcher hook, ratogrestyle add on claw, normal hand… any ideas?

2/ I made a normal beard not mesopotamian, and i’d like to make it more chaotich… any tought?

Next I make a hobgoblin. any position idea?

Thx for help :mask

Ps: does someone made some legionnaires chaos dwarf around?


As i didn’t get any answer, I assume that my problem didn’t have echo around here.

As soon as I finish the project I’ll send some pics.


First of all welcome, fondu77.

Glad to see that some of the BB-sculptors are doing chaos dwarfs as well. We always like to see new takes on our almost forgotten race :smiley:

Have just resently picked up Blood Bowl myself - and will most certainly pickup a Chaos Dwarf team as well, so would really like to see you take on the evil stunties.

Sculpting a pure evil beard is difficult. Most chaos dwrfs do actually have regular dwarf beards (please look at the old Marauders and 3rd in the Wiki) - the evil look is offen combined with a evil face - like a helmet or a facemask. In 4th Ed. they gave them tusk teeth - to make the face look evil/chaotic.

Your ideas for hands hands sounds cool - and you could add chains, chainmail gloves, Iron gloves as well - and a ball arm is always a great choise (even for a blocker).  

And please come and show us your WIPs and earlier sculpts - could give us an idea what to expect from you hands.



Hi Fondu. Exciting to know you’re working on some CDs.

For those that don’t know, Fondu’s somewhat whimsical sculpts tend to turn into highly sought after collector’s items. So you all should be excited too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


First ps : wohhh. Thx Gaixo, not sure on how you know that but thanx a lot !!! You seen the naked dwarfs aren’t you?

Second ps : CLAM, not such a fan a bashi man hold the ball. As the ball move from players to players. I keep the idea of glove wich is brilliant. It has already big teeth like a chinese deamon and horn on helmet. I gonna go for beatles… !

I don’t know how to post image on this forum at work. No problem if dwarves model are naked here? I mean lunchbox appearing…???

I think I gonna go like this :


-metal medieval claws

-normal arm w/putrid skin

- skeletton arm

- kindo steampunk glove

- Hook

Still no ideas on who the beard can be more chaotic

and still no ideas for the hobgoblin (for him the major part is done, body prepared to run w/tshirt and akama pants)


Second ps : CLAM, not such a fan a bashi man hold the ball. As the ball move from players to players. I keep the idea of glove wich is brilliant. It has already big teeth like a chinese deamon and horn on helmet. I gonna go for beatles.... !

Just an idea :D I love to have a single player or two actually holding the ball - but we all have different taste - don't we ;)

You concept sound cool - and I hope you'll come and show us you progresses.
I don't know how to post image on this forum at work.

If you have the images at a portable disk you can always just use the Attachment option - when posting - but best way is to upload to a picture hosting site. Pyro S did a great tutorial about 'who to..' - here: https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/9623

I scaned talkbloodbowl.com and found these:

Your sculpts? Think the are - and they are awesome :hat off

Looking forward to see some chaotic mutated dwarfs ;)



Haha, your work seems really cool. Can we have some pics? :slight_smile:


What is that hu? ^^^^^^^^^

Kera foehunter:

sound great !! fondu 77 could you post some pictures PLEASE!!


nothing yet. Casting done next week I hope. Little series


Looking forward to see what came up with :wink: So please come and show asap



New stuffes

Sorry for the bad pics…

So new dwarf short serie (less than 10 to sell)

44g of metal. fat sculpting

He fits on a round base. Just a quick hammer punch is needed on the back of the beard to make him marry the base… It’s so romantic

Three part mini, a halfling and a goblin tirant a rope.

Check the tooth of the goblin and the muddy river.

Pics are a bit to far i’ll try to do better.

A sweet stormvermin. His armour has a skeletton spike on the back. Arms are wide open. He is a bit WIP but it might be quite nice when finished. Hope soon.


not even a single answer… Fondu is sad.


nice diorama, Could we get some more pics? Storm vermin looks nice, but won’t judge it until it’s finished though :slight_smile: Geez that dwarf sounds heavy, Don’t get disheartned fondu! I thinks it’s great and i’m sure everyone else does to!


Don’t be :wink:

That’s one heavy and evil looking dwarf - but I do hope that you’ll give us a few more pic’s from sides/back of the painted one - as it’s really hard to see the details on the metal ones. Are the dwarf kneeling?

The goblin is awesome - will do a fine slave in any CD army - the halfling is a bit to much garden gnome for my liking, though :wink:

And the Skave guy looks promissing, too. Will you add more armoury? He looks a bit ‘naked’ - but looking forward seeing the finished job.

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