[Archive] BloodBowl - Minotaurs of the Apocalypse (12 med-lrg pics)


with the mysteries and secrets of the labyrinths solved, the minotaurs emerged to wreak havoc on the world, an enterprising chaos magus opened their eyes to the possibilities of BloodBowl. An event where the natural bloodlust of the mino’s could go unchecked and unpunished. Free to stampede over the opposition without fear of incarceration, relative impunity to the carnage they could muster… in fact they could even enjoy the spoils and ravages of the field even be adored and feared by peoples and races.

It took few seasons but even the mino’s found they could not resist the draw of the game. Bribing commissioners and officials along the way, well those that managed to stay off the menu, a successful team was brought to bear and is still clamored for by commissioners to day. The games just havent been the same without the lust that the minotaurs bring to the sport.

In a rare photo op the Minotaurs have been captured for posterity.

The Team shots:

Team Captain: Daisy Maelstrom

Genocyber Doombool and Daemon Souldrinker

Alibaster Vortex and Maul Bludrender

Minos Da’Wanna’Be

Talon Gutripper

Team Captain Daisy does lead the squads in kills although many of those were against teammates. Alibaster holds several league records of deaths; unfortunately, most of those caused thru the brutality of Daisy. Apparently the captian didnt appreciate the fan fare that Alibaster was receiving by actually scoring TD’s.

Late in the season with Daisy’s temper warning off most bulls, there was  lone cow whose frenzied zeal and tenacity won a spot on the teams roster. With 3 games til the finals Minos Da’Wanna’Be joined the squad (although some claim a medical cover-up of mad cow disease) and aided the teams reach for the gold of the Chaos Cup… Daisy’s temper got the best of the team that season… stampeding in for the winning TD the bloodlust overpowered the hulking minotaur, at the one yard line just a breath away from the win the rampage began as Daisy turns around and charges in to the frey of minotaurs and dwarfs only to lay the smack down on Alibaster one last time in the match. Subsequent depravities cost the team the match in OT.

Announcers and Broadcasters were calling for the return of Minotaurs as their casualty counts more than doubled the rest of the conference combined. When the bulls played stadiums were packed to standing room only. Carnage carnage carnage. Ratings and gates would soar when the mino’s strode to the pitch.

Now retired new commissioners keep trying to bribe and induce the team to rain blood on new seasons of the sport. Something just seems to be missing in the newer less violent leagues. But who can say what the future holds for this frenzied stable of 'taurs, who can say…

Kera foehunter:

that is freeking awsome love the bulls


Very well done, you have managed the tricky business of converting WFB to BB without looking like you just clipped off the weapons. I love the use of the old bloodthirsters body.

One suggestion, Daisy should have a circular too.


Looks like a few older Greater Daemons used in there.


Am pretty sure its only “Daemon Souldrinker” using an old greater daemon.


Those are some great old school minis, thanks for sharing.


Daisy looks like an old Keeper of Secrets


Nah Daisy is a 2nd ed Blood Bowl Minotaur.


The only greater daemon parts in the lineup were used with Daemon Souldrinker - old bloodthirster body with old keeper of secrets head.

Daisy was and is the only actual bloodbowl minature, and yes i had planned on a 25mm round, but balance was huge issue, i could prolly re-do it now… but as the team make up has been removed by the oh so intelligent forces at GeeW, this team doesnt get much play anymore. Even in the most recent induced league involvement i didnt play them enough. Now i am rebuilding my chaos dwarf team.

Genocyber and Talon were old Minotaur Lords.

Minos is a converted marauder minotaur.

Maul was from the new range.

Alibaster from the old minotaur range of citadel/gw.

After clipping the weapons when necessary, i would always go back and resculpt thumbs, fingers and or clenched fists as required. Well that was the plan. The team came together pretty nicely, glad to share some varied interests for your viewing pleasure. Thank you.


Actually, it was Talon I was meaning, got confused with the text below the pictures. The similarities are there except the studded legging is on the opposite leg. Seems odd to do that sort of thing, I guess it was probably the same sculpter as the KoS or they were going from the same idea.

Have you tried using them as an Ogre team? Stick in a few ungor and it’ll work.

The udder on Minos is still making me smirk!


Fantasic looking team. I just love those old 3rd edition minotaur figures.


I’m usually not a fan of 3rd edition models… But you’ve done a great job of ressurecting them and making them look respectable…

Not so much a fan of scarlet/fuscia but meh, they look good… Well done…