[Archive] Bloodcrushers of Khorne plastics for the Dawi Zharr


So there are going to be some new plastic Bloodcrushers of Khorne kits coming out.  

I recall reading in some fluff that Chaos Dwarfs have been known to construct Juggernauts.  Anyone have some ideas for incorporating these into a Chaos Dwarf army - beside the obvious single-use as a Great Taurus.  Would these work to be used as mechanical mounts (covering up the Khornate markings with GS, of course) for some Chaos Dwarf Forgemasters maybe wielding some Great Weapon Forge Hammers?

… the other question would be what sort of rules should they have?  One option would be to copy the Juggernaut stats as-is and just come up with the rules for the rider.



PS I still prefer the look of the 40K Chaos Space Marine Khorne Lord’s Juggernaut for one made by Chaos Dwarfs…


Well if Chaos Dwarfs make it, then they should be able to use it! Looking at the Indy Gt list I’d either use them as Daemoneaters or Inferno Golems. Or perhaps use them as a mount for the Daemonsmith. But if you want to freak out your opponent just use them as hobgoblin wolf riders. :slight_smile:

Other then these options I don’t have a clue. Unless you’d make your own unit, with a set of rules. Must admit the thought of an fully mounted and armoured Obsidian/Immortal brigade would be very cool!

Ps. Yeah I too prefer that old one, still got it lying around just waiting to be used in something ‘special’.


I think treating them as ironguts would be simplest (using just one profile)

Or use them as bloodcrushers with a CD warrior on (60 pts maybe).

I tried doing a computer mock up getting it to stand on 2 legs, but I think I’d need very specific angles to see if it could work.


Mount a dwarf on there and you have an alternative bull centaur.

Personally, I would rip the rider off, cover up the saddle, and call them iron golems.


I think Inferno Golems would be your best bet. Mount some crazy daemonsmiths on them :slight_smile:


not something one can do for a tournement i guess, but if you put them on a large monsterbase and make a giant bullcentaur out of them. you could then let them “count as” 2 bullcentaurs per monsterbase (as a large monsterbase is the same surface area as 2 cavalry bases). so if you need 6 bullcentaurs, make a commandgroup out of them and explain clearly that each model represents 2 models. (again, not something for a tourney… but if i would do this and play them in my local gaming and friends group, it would be accepted).

btw… when do these come out?


I have been planning on using my two unused bloodcrushers (the most recent metal ones) as Inferno Golems. I want to add some horns to them to make them look more like bulls. I’m expecting the new plastics to be of similar size, so this will hopefully be a larger unit than I originally anticipated, as well as cheaper.

I also am thinking of doing an ogre/jugger combo to represent a possible house rule bull centaur character.

I could also see them being used as a mount for a daemonsmith.


pictures of the sprues are online at the GW site:


seeing that he head of the juggernaut is a seperate piece from the body, i guess i can give them a try to convert BullCentaurs out of 'm. if it fails i can always sell them to other daemonplayers i know.


They also could make great unit fillers.  Maybe a Juggernaut that breathes fire could go in your BB units.

Also, as grim says, it could be fun to make them walk on two legs. That would take some work, but could look very cool.


as grim said, i think i may use them as golems. The back legs as septate so putting them upright will be not very hard, front legs can be made in to arms and probably a new head will be in order.


Soul Crushers of Hashut. Add horns, and a dwarf, and play them as Ogre dogs of war.


Juggerknights of Hashut? Mount an Immortal on it and give characters a mount option (so they can join units), reserving the Great Taurus for Lords only. Question as to whether it would be superfluous as CDs have Bull Centaurs already, but it would probably be a very cool unit.

It could always be an entry for the Artisan competition as a Regiment of Renown.


I plan to use them as infernogolems, but I keep missing out on them on eBay :frowning:


It could always be an entry for the Artisan competition as a Regiment of Renown.

I'm sure that has occurred to somebody!!   :cheers

Tisk tisk... lazy lazy... must try harder.



That’s going to be a seriously expensive unit, Nico.


Very impressive cant wait to see them finished :slight_smile:


awesome! a 3x3 unit of them and we are set!

Da Crusha:

I like it a lot. how many guys are you going to put in the unit? most monstrous cavalry only have 5 or so guys max. if you want more it might be hard to get all of the riders for the unit.

I would use them as unit fillers.