[Archive] Bloodthirster prob


Hey boyz, I was wondering how best to deal with my friends Bloodthirster. I basicly have the dwarf warriors from BFSP, a Lord on Great Taurus that’s a work in progress, 1 sorcerer hero, a hero standard bearer, Hob Gob Bob, a lesser demonic engine/deathrocket, and a greater demonic engine. I can also draft some of the Gobbos from my Orcs and Goblins army. Looking at the Ravening Hordes list I thought that I could convert a large amount of Bull Centarus and just throw them at it and hope for the best. Any other suggestions would be helpful.

Oh and i’m still using 7th but I hope to upgrade to 8th soon.


Don’t get me wrong, but what exactly is your question? Do you want to defeat 1 Bloodthirster or are you facing a whole army?


Just go 8th edition. 7th is over.

I would recommend bolt throwers, at least 4, preferably 6. No armour save and d3 wounds if he fails his ward save. Try magic. Put sorcerers in hobgoblin units so you don’t lose ar main battle unit if you miscast and get dimensional cascade, and throw lots of dice.

Other than that, massed archer fire can sometimes work, archers can wound it on a 6, although he will still get armour and ward saves. Massed archers are much cheaper in the Indy list. You can try a direct hit with an earthshaker/deathrocket if you must. Its an act fo desperation.

Once you go to 8th edition, the Bloodthirster will clean up bull centaurs or lord on taurus because it will always go first. If you can do enough wounds with shooting and magic., he might decide to hide it. An infantry block could well be able to hold it with steadfast.


Don't get me wrong, but what exactly is your question? Do you want to defeat 1 Bloodthirster or are you facing a whole army?

I'm fairly sure I can handle the rest of the army. It's the blood thirster i'm not sure how to defeat.


Try shooting it with a death rocket you’ve got a 1/3 chance of getting a direct hit and st9 d6 wounds can do a lot of damage. I if you are luck you can even take him in one shot.

Da Crusha:

If you are going to play the game in 7th edition I would bring 6 bolt throwers and at least one earthshaker and deathrocket to deal with it. probably keep the great Taurus in a position to immediately charge the BT when it carelessly charges into something to avoid all of the warmachine fire.

Alan the evil:

In 7th ed I destroyed a bloodthirster with BC with armour of the fournace: it denied his fire based attacks. In following turn I charge with my infantry on the rear and challenge him with my BC… I had 3 ranks, rear and standard: he started HtH combat -5 combat resolution: he blew up!!

In 8th edition it’s easier: you can use a BC/hobbo hero with armour of fournace/dragonhelm to stop him and use the same tactic I used (try hobbo hero on wolf with armour of fournace, potion of foolhardiness h/a, shield and GW: it works always vs a lots of other problems for 108 pts).

For sure bolt throwers help a lot to make it easyer and easyer !!