[Archive] Blue's Summer Sale! lots of OOP Marauder and citadel PRICE DROP!

Blue in VT:

Hello all!

Time for a bit of a clear out to free up some $ for future purchases and to fill gaps in my units.  

I’m located in the US but willing to ship anywhere…as long as you are willing to pay… ::slight_smile: please keep in mind that I try to minimize shipping without risking damage to the figures…I won’t gouge you on shipping.  I prefer Trades over money…and for money I prefer paypal.  If you have questions please ask.

Here is my HAVES album: http://s91.photobucket.com/albums/k285/csabick/Trade%201/

Here is my WANTS Album: http://s91.photobucket.com/albums/k285/csabick/Miniatures%20Wants%20List/

And here is the Price list if you don’t have trade items:

1. Misc Citadel Dwarfs 2: Hammer Musician $3 Modified Miner $1

2. Marauder Long Beards: $4 each…or the Remaining 3 for $10 SOLD

3. Marauder Slayers: $3 each… or the remaining 3 for $6

4. Marauder Ironbreakers: $4 each…or the remaining SOLD

5. Misc Citadel Dwarfs 1: Villager SOLD

6. Misc. Non-citadel Dwarfs: All 3 for $3

7. Champion of Khorne: $6 SOLD

8. Eternal Champion Personalities: Make an Offer or PM for individual prices

9. Skarloc’s Wood Elf Archers (these have been stripped since this photo was taken) $38

10. OOP Dragon Princes: $5 each or both for $7

11. Marauder and Citadel High Elfs: $4 each or all SOLD

12. Wood Elf: $3 SOLD

13. Elric: $5 SOLD

14. Marauder DE Warriors: $4 each or the remaining SOLD

15. Marauder DE (no Weapons): $2 each SOLD

16. Marauder DE assassins: $4 each or both for SOLD

17. Plastic DE warriors (10): $4

18. Plastic DE Xbows from (21): $4

19. Misc. Skaven: $2 each or all 6 for $8

20. Marauder Goblin Wolf Rider (wolf incl but not pictured): $3 each

21. Plastic Gobo Archers (20): $3

22. OOP Gobo Standard: $3 SOLD

23. Orc Hero: $3 SOLD

24. Chaos Space Marine Renegades: PM me for additional Info

25. Broken Empire Great Sword: $2 SOLD

26. Combat Cards: $4 each or both for $6

27. Shields: Contact me via PM and we’ll discuss.





I have all the gobbos from “MarauderWolfriders2wants.jpg” more than once (painted mostly) are you willing to pay for them or are you only interested in trading?


Pm sent

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Blue in VT:


I have all the gobbos from "MarauderWolfriders2wants.jpg" more than once (painted mostly) are you willing to pay for them or are you only interested in trading?


Sorry I missed your post somehow...yes I am willing to purchase as well as trade...I would love to see what you have.



Blue in VT:

PRICE DROP…please don’t make me put these on ebay! I hate ebay…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




I get back to you after the weekend (:


I might be interested in the Eternal Champ personalities, what sort of neighborhood $ are you looking for?


I’d be interested in both decks of Combat Cards if they’re still available