[Archive] Blunderbuss


Hi iam new CD player

but i just looked on the internet for the list and i liked blunderbusses really much but why is everyone using units of 18 man or 15?

Just the front rank can shoot or is it diffrent with CD cause or the 12 inch rule everthing is hit on a 4+ ?

Thommy H:

Blunderbusses don’t follow the normal firing rules.

Pyro Stick:

People usually use 2 units of 15. With a unit if 15 you get the highest strength shot. Only the front rank fire but if you have 3 ranks of 5 then the strength of the attack goes up.


I use a unit of 15 with a wizard in them for added damage work very well most of the time :slight_smile:


So the only reason for a unit of 15 of those guys is for the str till 5.

Nice but a little expensive hoped the 2th and 3th couls also shoot :stuck_out_tongue:

Thommy H:

No, that isn’t how Blunderbusses work. No models roll to hit: you just hit all the targets in the fire zone on a 4+. The number of models firing only affects the Strength of the hits.


Wow that is nice dindt get from reading the pdf armybook.

But still a 4+ if you just hit a block from like 20 or more man you got your points back :smiley:

Think i will use then a unit or 2 on 1K from 15 guys