[Archive] Blunderbusses, can't field characters?


I have, what might be, an extremely silly question.

If I want to get the most of my blunderbusses it is a given that I should use them as a horde unit (10 wide, 2 ranks firing).

But then, if I put a character in the unit I only get the maximum amount of 19 models firing at the same target, since there are no characters that are allowed to buy a blunderbuss.

This would mean, if I follow the rules as written, that I would need to make my unit 11 models wide, and subsequently one extra model for each character that I would add after the first.

Am I right in thinking this, or am I completely insane, also was the rule meant to work in this way?
Please disregard the insane part of the question, I see that one as a given :slight_smile:


You are correct, if you put 18+2 char, only 18 are shooting. I usually bring 28+2 char, and field them in 15x2 so I can get 28 models firing. Anyway I would suggest you to bring some spare BB’s over 20, as if you suffer any casualty via magic/shooting you will be under 20 anyway.




I run my BB unit of 20 6 wide. this allows me to put up to 2 characters in the front rank and still be able to fire with 10 models.


Cheers guys, the idea is to field 30 blunderbusses at least in one unit so I should be ok.

Just wanted to check this before/if I ever take the boys to a tournament and it comes up.


This is a math’s question!

You should have at least 20 guys firing to maximize the blunderbusses, so instead of using ranks of 10 you could use ranks of 11! Then you can even field two characters in the unit and still have 20 shooting from the two front ranks.

I would not field them 15 wide. It’s too wide for maneouvering and too expensive.


Yup, 15x2 is a bit messy for maneuvering, but with a unit worth over 1k points (including your char’s) you will have some space, hehe. Last time I played with these guys, they killed 12 WoC of Khorne with halberds and shields in my shooting phase, and another 4 or 5 (can’t remember) on their failed charge, leaving just the std bearer in the unit. I rolled a 3 on my first shooting and a 1 on my 2nd. Against OK they also performed very well, and I do not really think its that bad to field them in two lines, you are already paying a huge amount of points for those BB’s, I would much rather optimize their damage output if you plan to play with them. Also,

as your block is stubborn it does not matter that much if you face your 1st round of combat with only 2 lines, as long as you protect yourself from multi charges which would not let you reform later on. You will stick forever.