[Archive] Blunderbusses?



Pretty cool.

Hashut’s Blessing:

They look good. It’s £5.19 or US$10.25. Although you get 8 and two pouches of gunpowder and two pockets of shot by the looks of it. Perhaps if it were cheaper, I’d consider this route, but I may just stick to buying the old models and soon to attmept making them from thunderers. Good find though, Mr. Xander!


I wonder what the difficulty of making your own guns is. Since I am completely unversed in GS use, I have no frame of reference for the value of purchasing these versus making them for yourself.

These guns certainly look well done, however, I submit that they look quite similar to an old fashion single shooter, as opposed to my preconceived notion of blunderbusses which is more akin to a musket of sorts.

EDIT: I guess this (click on link) is at least in part why I had that impression of Blunderbusses.


vexxus im just curious are you going to reference the dictionary in every post you make?

should we refer to you of dictionary boy now lol?

ie never tried greenstuffing a gun but the easiest way would be to shove a bit of wire in a cork, build the barrel around the wire and build it up from there. then when its finished snip the wire off where the barrel begins. The same method can be used for any weapons really.

Kera foehunter:

great find xander i was woundering where i left my pistals.??

Perfict girl size guns.need more ammo thow .


Technically, I think they are more flintlocks/wheel locks and muskets more than Blunder/arquebusses, but they are very nice models. Would definitely be easy to convert into a blunderbuss.