[Archive] Boar Centaurs ideas


Right as many of you know I’m building a Malalite Chaos Dwarf army, and I’m wanting to convert up a few Boar Centaurs as Bull Centaurs really don’t fit with my fluff or theme.

Need advice on where to start, i had the idea of using old Boar bodys and Dwarf torsos but that option makes them a tad too small.

I also heard a Russian company made a few Boar Centaurs in the past, any idea what company and anyone have pics?

Failing that anyone actual have a few of the 3rd ed Boar Centaurs spare?




Boar/Bull Centaurs now are on 50x75 bases. This means that the old ones are way too small!!!

You either:

1)Sculpt your own

2)Put more than one model on each base

3)You buy a plastic/rubber toy and build a torso on top:

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My mock up is almost done and pictured in my blog. :slight_smile: