[Archive] Bog - Fimir size


Here are the “new” Bog from Blood Moon Miniatures in comparison to other minis - like requested! :wink:

Though I have no Ork for comparison I hope these pics will suffice!



Where is that minotaur from?? The new plastics stink!!! They are $41+ for 3, when Ogres are 6 figs for less. Im looking for some good & reasonable minotaurs.


Where is that minotaur from??

This is one of the quite new Avatar of War Minotaurs!

Here is the link: AoW



Great figure. Maybe for a Doombull, cant afford those prices for “troops”.


No Orks? Zanko… I thought you had everything!! wait… don’t you have orcs in your chaos dwarf army? at least the grenadier ones :wink: Love that Minotaur!

Can’t wait to see your fimir army!


@ dncswlf: I own Orks - certainly!

                Grenadier models as well as old GW ones but in the moment these minis are cleared away in the basement! :slight_smile:


Tarrakk Blackhand:

These are pretty interesting models. I take it the Fimir is the green guy.

That gourd head CD is rather large in comparison to the rest of the CD’s.

I like the 2 headed guy the best!


where’s the Chaos Dwarf with the red armour from?


where's the Chaos Dwarf with the red armour from?

This guy was made by Rozmax (a member of CDO) and was released at Troll Forged Miniatures!

Here is the link: Rozmax Chaos Dwarf

... and yes the Bog/Fimir is the green one!



Really appreciate that you are doing this for me (and maybe others) - and they will do just fine - as I got every single model in comparison. Thanks, Chris.

Think I’ve found out what to use as ‘green skin’ in my army :wink: These or those orc based Fimir conversions from the Tales of Battle #6 - magazine. Anyone (like you Mattbird ;)) that knows where to find this Brett Amundson and his Fimir work online?