[Archive] Bolt thrower bases

Will Liam:

I am doing bases for my warhammer hobgoblin bolt throwers - do you think 75mm is ok for size? As I don�?Tt play warhammer I just don�?Tt know if the bases will work when playing a game �?" cheers Will


Now your asking hard questions Will. It has been ages but from memory war-machines in WHFB - 8th did not need a base.

For all the rest I have no idea. I personally base mine because I like them that way.

The bases are looking very good though

Will Liam:

So I can still use it with that base when playing the game (That would work great for me) �?" But if someone attacks me is it from the edge of the base because its now part of the bolt thrower or is it the side of the bolt thrower its self? Or do I need a line marked on the wood planks to indicate where an edge should be? Like I said I have no idea how to play so need to know what my options are before I continue working on the base.


For Warhammer from any edition the base size won’t matter much. It’s there for aesthetic reasons most of the time, and your base looks good.

For 9th Age, if one would be a stickler for the rules, they’ve introduced proper base sizes for artillery pieces, and they’re all on round bases for reasons of pivoting. 60mm round for Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower. However, I and many others flat out refuse to rebase our warmachines since the rectangular bases are made with siegework details and whatnot. You should be good to go also in 9th Age if you just talk with your opponent about it before the game starts. It’s a minor issue to say the least.

Besides, any chance for a serpent somewhere on the base?

Will Liam:

Thanks Admiral - I�?Tll keep the bases as they are �?" the plank circle is only a little bit over 60mm �?" this time I�?Tll try and use the terradons that I have cut up as over head cover �?" hope it works?


Do it! Camouflage and field fortifications are great touches to artillery, and this will allow the Terradons to come to great use in your distinctively themed army.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I think that base looks terrific!


In Kings of War that base is not only totally legal, it reminds me of the example base size shown in the rule book for how to handle war-machines on larger bases (which is very simple and easy, you just measure LoS as though you where the normal size).

Will Liam:

I�?Tm happy with the base size �?" I have made ten of them �?" two made to look old and green for my hobgoblin bolt throwers�?" now for the poles that will hold up the terradons. I�?Tve gone for a bamboo look so they won�?Tt look to heavy on the pallets �?" do you think it works ok or should I change them in some way �?" cheers


Looks good! Looking forward to see a fake Terradon canopy on top of them, with warmachines underneath.


In 9th Age WM base size is not really a problem. In competitive games you should simply lay a 60mm circle under your base and use that for measuring a.s.o.



Will Liam:

Terradon canopy cut up and hung out to dry :wink: �?" I have made two of them �?" I�?Tll show the other one when I have finished my bolt thrower.


It looks good. Not sure if it will confuse the enemy with its camouflage though

Will Liam:

No probably not - but it�?Ts an easy way to help my bolt throwers/death rockets  match into my hobgoblin units and give some height  at the back of the army when on the display shelf �?" also I think the chopped up terradon helps my bright colored hoboes look more wicked.
Not a very good pic (not in my light box so all the green has washed out from the warm colored light bulb ) A table top view of the terradon with my bolt thrower underneath without crew so it kind of still works at the right angle :slight_smile:


Brilliant! I’m really enjoying watching the progress here. Very creative!