[Archive] Bolt throwers (now with crew!) tutorial (how to)


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That’s one nice bolt thrower tutorial! Keep it up

The final result looks impressive!



Really impressive, and what a great tutorial!


Wow, that’s incredibly nice.


Very nice. Now I want to use this idea instead of the goblin one I was going to use. Simplicity or coolness?


m3lvin my compliments for your tutorial. It is zillion times better than mine, damn you! :slight_smile:

Nice idea for feathers, I normally use the same technique but made them one by one… much slower…

What lubrican do you use for your molds? I’m tempted to copy your technique…


Nice tutorial, well done. the final result is freakin awesome!!! I love it!!! The way you made it “mechanical” really fits the chaos dwarfs


three words

thanks a lot !

Da Crusha:

very cool, probably the best converted bolt thrower Ive seen.


thanks for the nice comments! :hat off

It would be really fun to see someone getting inspired and use the idea themself :smiley:


thank you, It was seeing your tutorial that made me inspired to make the bolt throwers from sprues myself!

Personally, I think your tutorial is the one more impressive, since you made everything from scratch!

It’s pretty easy to make the bolt throwers look good when you already got so much fancy bits, but making them from scratch is quite a challenge.

Your’s also reaches to a wider audience, since everyone isn’t a post dwarf, chaos warrior, vampire count collector,. which can be quite a problem when making mine. :smiley:

and for the lube,… I use common chapstick, or “hudsalva” as its known here in sweden.

I use the army issued variant, which is also known to be used as frying fat out in the field :stuck_out_tongue:

here’s a pic:

It’s easier to apply it when its a little warm, so its not that thick and lumpy when I’m applying it,. (having it in your pocket a whole day is usually enough :))

I use a toothpick to reach in to the small, or deep details. otherwise I use my fingers.

be careful not to use too much/thick layers of the shapstick or else you might risk loosing details.

It’s often in the second or third molding attempt the result is at its best, since then the layers of lube are very thin.

You don’t have to apply more lube as long as the surface is shiny/slippery.

hope that helped,




Is hudsalva a sort of lipstick? To protect your lips from cold, like when you skii?

Nice idea. Some people told me they use liquid soap…

About bolts, yours are truely great. Sometimes I’m happy with GW not updating our army, as people here are so creative to overcome the many problems related to our lack of miniatures :slight_smile:


Bassman: I totally agree on that, I will be sad the day GW releases new CDs, cause then much creativity will die. The lack of GW miniatures is what made our community so strong and unique.

and for the Hudsalva, your correct. It’s mainly used for your lips.

and Is very appreciated here in the barbaric north :smiley:

I’ve also heard about people using liquid soap, and you could probably use anything slippery; olive oil, grease, vaseline etc. etc.

But i can only recommend Hudsalva, since its the only lubricant I’ve used in the molding process,

and why change when your satisfied :cheers



Haha, I use “hudsalva” as well when I work with Green Stuff. :wink:


Wow, this is a great tutorial, and the finished product looks really good!

hmmm,:idea I may have to make some bolt throwers for my army

centauro enano:

Great tutorial that explains everything down to the smallest detail :cheers

Kera foehunter:

Best ever !! thank for sharing this is a nice simple bolt throw that everyone can make !!


that is a great tutorial

another thing ticked off my ‘to learn’ / ‘to be inspired list’

many thanks.

Da Crusha:

m3lvin: did you ever get around to painting one of these beauties? Im curious to see the finished product.


Da Crusha: your lucky, my next project for my CD army is to finish converting the crew

and paint it all. Altough I guess you’ll have to wait for the next WoH…


I’m done converting the crewmen now! :cheers

(High-res version)

(and even though it might seem so, hobgob no.5 is not an ass-grabber :D)