[Archive] Borador's Collection of Oldies [Brush Slave League Update, 16th of May]


Thought I’d start a new blog, with some better pictures that the old one.

I will be updating the first post with army shots and pictures of the most recent update as time goes by.

Included in this post are a list of the models I currently own and a small list with things that have a high priority on my “shopping list”.

Group Shot:

Most recent update:

Post #51

List of what I own:

Names coloured in red are painted

D3 Chaos Dwarfs

Radblast the Reaver (Mace 10)

Durgal Deathdealer (Axe 3)

Kirgund Widowmaker (Sword 5)

Carazad Spiketail (Mace 9)

Barin Aardnose*

Squarehammer One-eye (Hammer 4)

Kaaos Armahand (Axe 11)

Barin Spikehead (Mace 11)*

Sithan Sharpsword (Sword 6)

Grimdur Gutwrencher (Sword 3)

Telegrim Flamebeard

Elakim the Mad

C16 Chaos Dwarfs

Lufin Bristlebeard (Hammer 2)

Jabbertooth Eyesplinter

Baldrick Backbreaker (Mace 7)

Scarsol Smashskull (Axe 7)

Ulfo Bloodmask (Spear 1)

Hairy Hengist Horse-eater (Axe 10)


Mad Marik Trollbiter (Mace 13)

The Master of Madness (Axe 14)

Khazek Doomlord (Axe 13)

Foaming Mad Furrikson (Sword 8)

Napper Grundrin (Axe 12)

Doomaxe The Dreaded (variant)

C22 Warmachines & Other Warmachines

Mortar + Crew

Bazooka Loader + Gunner

Swivel Gun + Crew

Tenderiser + Boar Centaur


Crossbow 1

Crossbow 3

Crossbow 5

Crossbow 6








Possible Chaos Dwarfs and Related Models

Chaos Dwarf Beastmaster

The Black Dwarf

Other manufacturers

Zonk’s Asscannon

8 Ewal Dvergar with HW/S (3/8)

Dronzak Bannerfist

Clam’s Grenadiers


[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



More!! More!!! More!! More!!! More!! More!!! More!! More!!!

Blue in VT:

Lookin Good bud…an excellent group of figures!



Glad you like them!

Will try to update monthly but I can’t promise anything, I am a slow paimter haha.


good to see some pics .


Always good to see some pics of the good old 3rd edition guys! :hat off

As far as I can see - great work dude! :cheers

Like mentioned … I want to see more stuff! :wink:



Thanks for the motivating and nice comments guys!

Will do my best to start on some new guys soon, although school is killing me right now (sadly, because painting is way more fun than finishing my A-levels).


Nice to see some more oldies!



It puts a smile on my face that so many people still enjoy the 2nd and 3rd eds!

The Dozing Dragon:

I painted a bunch of these for the GW Manchester shop in the 80s. Top sculpts and nice PJs!


excellent… most excellent! Can’t wait to see what else you have! These are still my favorite sculpts!


Thanks guys!

Yeah these sculpts are so full of character that you can’t help but love them, right!

I have a few more marauders and mainly C16’s and D3’s waiting for some love. Oh and the tenderiser, beastmaster, swivel gun and bazooka team and Asscannon (by Zonk) as well.

Eventually I need all of them ofcourse but I told myself that I can’t buy new ones until these are painted haha.

First few next ones are primed, will have to wait until after the weekend though before I can start on them, I’m off to my dad’s today.


No pictures in this update, sorry!

Real life really has gotten in the way lately.

First I had to study (as I wanted to pass my A levels), which took up most of my time.

One week before my final exams started I began to feel a little ill. I thought it would pass away after the exam period, but it worsened and worsened.

After about 8 weeks and several visits to the GP and the hospital later, they diagnosed that there is a tumor in my stomach (which was 5x6 cm back then) and another one near my kidney (7x9x17 cm at that time) which was disabling my kidney from working properly. This I heard on the 29th or 30th of june.

I had to go to another hospital that same day where they specialize in childrens cancer’s, as my situation was looking pretty bad; if my kidney had ruined by the tumor pressing on it, I would have been in serious trouble.

There they quickly diagnosed the tumors as a Burkitt-lymphoma (B cell type). As this is a very aggressive cancer they had to start treatment as soon as possible. (These tumors could double by the day!)

So I think I had some luck there, a few days later and it could’ve been even worse!

Luckily, I am responding well to the treatments I am getting, and the lymphomas are shrinking.

All in all this means I am in and out of hospital until at least December and the moments when I am at home I am probably going to feel crappy due to side effects of the chemotherapy. So not a lot of painting will happen I guess but I’ll try it if I can as I really enjoy it.

Enough bad news for now.

I did pass my A levels, huzzah!

And now warhammer related:

I am considering redoing all my models, I am getting a bit sick of the plain snow bases and blue-white-red scheme.

Thing I am curious about is what you guys think I should do:

Option 1: Army greenish with something like bleached bone, with a uniform colour scheme throughout the army

Option 2: Browns, also with a uniform colour scheme throughout the army.

Option 3: suggestions?

For bases I am thinking to start doing something more elaborate. With tufts and grasses and textures.

Tell me what you think, as all advice is welcome!


hope you feel better soon Borador and that the tumours are all dealt with!

nice work on the old school minis, my vote for a new scheme would be your option 1. green and bone would work really well, as well as giving a bit of a ‘nurgly’ vibe to the army.




Hope everything is getting better for you mate. Bone imho works very well on the old mini’s, add in a spot colour such as green should work well.



Thanks guys! And thanks for sharing your advice :slight_smile:

I’ll think about it for a couple of days and if I settle on a new scheme, in time, pictures will start showing up!


Hope you will be healed completely in near future - best wishes from me and my family (I share a lot with them - even my experiences at CDO :wink: )!

Back on topic: I think a colour scheme with a dark green, some black and silver or gold (depends on your preferences) will look great!


Blue in VT:

Sorry to hear about your health troubles mate…I hope you are healed and happy again in no time!




Thanks you Zanko, and thank them for me.

Your suggestion is a good one, I’ve written it down for consideration!

Thanks Blue!

Ghrask Dragh:

Hey buddy, I think green armour and snow work great (check out my blog :slight_smile: ) always good to see the old skool mini’s like that, with your collection would be ace!!

Really glad to hear how well your responding to the treatment, keep going my friend.