[Archive] Border Reiver's Chaos Dwarfs

Border Reiver:

I started chaos dwarfs shortly after starting Warhammer back in '95.��I thought they would make an interesting counterpoint to my other army at that time (Bretonnians) and they did.

For a long time I was probably the only chaos dwarf player in Ottawa (or at least it seemed that way), because the first reaction most people had was "What army is that?"

I’ve always seen that these minis were given a horrid colour scheme in the army book, and went for what I thought was a much darker and nasty looking scheme.��Right now, I’m re-evaluating their scheme and will be repainting and rebasing this army to bring it up to my current level of painting and so that I can bring them out more often and not cringe…

Anyway I’ll start this off with my characters:

Sargon, depending on the game a hero or lord

Kurgan Grudgebearer (definitely due for a colour makeover…)

Megeddio Fireforge, the Army Standard Bearer

Ashkelon Runforger, my first sorcerer

Ozymandias Ironbeard, a converted Astrogoth

and Hyksos Forgebreaker, the Bull Centaur character

I’ll post some of the Rank and file later today


I’m liking um.

I especially like Hyksos Forgebreaker

Nice name for him too! :slight_smile: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyksos

Ozymandias Ironbeard like him too, though not sure about the green on him.

Uzkul Werit:

Is Ironbeard really on wheels? :smiley:

Border Reiver:

Tracks actually. I used Epic scale Leman russ tracks. Back in 5th ed. he was armed with 2 pistols…

I got the inspiration for this conversion from the Warhammer Monthly comic book. One of the early issues showed a dawi zharr sorcerer with steam driven wheeled chassis, and I thought - why not tracks?

Border Reiver:

And now a member of my premier regiment - Akkad the Grim’s Raiders

and Akkad himself

The other unit of warriors, Megiddo’s Kinband

My blunderbuss armed warriors - Sargon’s Regiment

The Children of Hashut (the Bull centaurs)

and their Champion

some of my sneaky gitz

a Bolt Thrower

One of my Death Rockets

and 1 of my Earthshakers

and the No. 1

I need to clean up chips and dings on these and also redo the bases, but you can get an idea of what I’ve got here.


There all really great the dark colour scheme is looking mighty fine even the green :hat

Ghrask Dragh:

Excellent colour-scheme! Those Centaurs are some of the best I’ve seen :cheers

Like the sorcerer on tracks too, could we get a side view?

:hat off Border Reiver


Nice, I really like the dark colour scheme, especially on the bullcentaur hero - he looks fantastic!

Border Reiver:

I’ll try to get a side pic of Ozymandias tomorrow (if it’s sunny). I’ll also see if I can scan the picture that inspired it all.

Thanks for the compliments.

Traitor King:


I LOVE the green on the Bull centuars, it looks amazing!

Im not much of a fan off the old models, but your painting certainly does them justice.

Border Reiver:

It’s been a while but here are some converted chaos dwarf warriors (made from BFSP warriors)

My lord on a Great Taurus

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Awesome work! Looks like 90% are original figs. I’m envious!


nice stuff,great color sceme

like your sorcerer on wheels,looks pretty cool


Very cool and awesome minis! :hat off

The Taurus is great - the wings aren´t original, aren´t they? :o


PS Can you post bigger pics of the Taurus?

Kera foehunter:

wow nice work that first post was the good old days !! that was the time before kera

i love your army Bordor!!

look there snow!! i forgot what that look like

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Come to my house Kera. We still have snow!


We have mountains of snow here. We just got dumped on!

Nice Taurus! :smiley:


We have mountains of snow here.  We just got dumped on!

Ouch, Hamilton is snow-free thanks to all the rain.


These all look great - I love the dark colour schemes and nice contrasting colours - especialy the green on the bull centaurs

Kera foehunter:

border could you tell me what color did you use on the hob goblin

i reaily like it