[Archive] BoW Awards 2015


So the finalists for the BoW 2015 awards have been announced, who do you think will win?


Grimbold Blackhammer:

I got through the first two minutes and shut it off. Let me know if I missed anything good =)


I made it through. Honestly, the only category I cared about was the Best Painted. I really liked Thanos. Then again, he’s my favorite Cosmic Villain.

Best miniatures game has a few fun things, but Frostgrave really hit it off in the gaming community. I really wish Song of Blades and heroes would get some traction… then again, I’ve been working on something for my own world, so I guess I will post it here as well.


I like the BoW weekenders. This one was a bit hard to get through. Lovely seeing Frostgrave in many finals.

Never seen a community take off like FGs.

Will watch the show tonight.


I think the AoS entries won’t do that well regardless of how good or bad it is purely because of how many it’s burnt by replacing Fantasy. If it had been in addition to Fantasy rather than replaced it then I think the AoS entries would have stood a better chance.


It’s a crowded market now, AoS stands as good a chance as anything by a dozen other companies. It shows how big and varied the miniatures game market has grown in the last 10-15 years.

That is a long video, as drawn out as the Oscars.


It was. I was glad to see who won best miniatures game. Really well done video.

I did not watch all the commentary, but most of the winners I really felt did a great job with their games.