[Archive] Brainstorm Thread!


Got a great idea for a article or art for the Webzine regardless of issue? Kick it around here!

I’ll let Xander start off as he came up with a few good ideas this afternoon.


Much as I could wait until Xander gets the ball rolling… I’m keen to note my bit whilst I have time and remember :wink:

What I can provide:

O  A long article on redesigning the CD list itself, i.e. what we do in the ‘rules development’ section.  Split into background, rules and design elements.  First one already written bar editing, others depending on how good you all think it is.

O  A LONG comprehensive look at every single entry in the Ravening Hordes list (+Hellcannon), based on a mini project I did on HoH.  Useless on HoH now, so it can be used if needed.  Strengths/ weakness etc.  A good beginners guide.  Needs LOADS of editing.

O  Ideas for special characters, scenarios, custom built terrain etc.

O  Background material (stories, descriptions etc).

O Anything to do with CD in Nemesis, or possibly even SoC.

O  Conversion/ sculpting/ painting/ basing guides, preferably on something I’m specifically asked to do.

Probably more, but I’ll have to think on it.


As content is well taken care of, I will focus on Presentation.

My general thoughts. This is a magazine, not an article, not a newsletter, it is a magazine, which means that quality of presentation is tantamount to content. I have already began a lot of work with Willmark in an effort to spruce up the aesthetic value of the magazine. Perhaps Willmark would like to post some sample of where we are headed?

My goal is to make the design on the Magazine as professional as possible. If you see any layout designs in a WD that you like, maybe scan them, and show them here, as I should be able to replicate or adapt those designs.

I will probably make a separate thread with a gallery of background layouts for you to choose from Willmark. I will also work on adapting artwork to work with the layout designs.


Articles either underway or for possible inclusion:

* Zhatan the black-special character rules.

* 7th edition rules for the Kollossus and bazuka

* Blunderbuss improvements (already done).

* Wiki how to

* Behind the scenes of The Podcast

* Battle Report by Swiss dictator (already underway)

* Creation of a Chaos Dwarf Citadel- the one from the empire related forum.

* interview with the artist of the recent MM Mage in showcase.

* explanation of army showcase, wiki medals.


* 7th edition rules for the Kollossus and bazuka
Do you mean updating the 3th? edition rules for the bazuka, or bringing in new rules to represent them?  I have some rules already written (needing a balanced opinion), making them a unit of rocketeers rather than treating it like a special weapon team.

Kollossus I'll leave to others, as there are many ways to interpret that one (i.e. as in Grudgebearer, or what is actually balanced on the battlefield).  The Grudgebearer type model would be better suited to Legendary Battles IMO.

Infact, that could be something to consider... special data sheets and scenarios... :idea


I have an idea for a regular feature (not just from me ;)).

Basically people create a unit type/ character, write half a page of fluff or a short story, then show the rules, then a model and how to build it.

I know I could do one of these for a core unit type I’m building.  It wouldn’t be done for the coming WoH deadline.

I could probably do a few more as most of my alternate list is built on new things.  Some of these would work well as ‘this is how you build…’ articles, whilst others would be ‘this is how I sculpted…’ (i.e. not attempting to show people how to do it themselves).