[Archive] Brass Bull ===> to Taurus



a green stuff model was shown back in 2007 of this.

Its not a citadel product, but it looks awesome!


A little scaly, but it could work.


So long as the plates really were painted to look like metal plates rather than just scales then it would be OK.

I also really like this figure:

Krung Beast


thats an awesome fig


I also really like this figure:
Krung Beast

That one would make a great Ogre Kingdom rhinox, I don't think I'd like it as a Taurus though.

Kera foehunter:

Mosk you can also order wings from them (Reaper ) !!! find a dragon or another model that the wings you like and then e-male them

Wallacer i have one !!! its look like a cross of a bull and a Lammasu

it also going out of production soon


I’m probably going to use balrog wings for mine, my 10mm CD army has a taurus unit and these have the elongated wings, if only Eureka did their warmaster scale CDs as 28mm then I would be so happy. They do a variation of bull centaurs and hellcannon plus the taurus of course.

Hashut’s Blessing:

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However, I do agree that this model looks cool and can be used as a Great taurus. My only problem would be finding wings that I, personally, felt looked big enoguh and strong enough to carry it, whilst retaining the look of the model…

Kera, when are they going out of production? Ah, just noticed they are made by Olley’s amries. I’ve never seen it on their website before though…

Father Grumpmas:

Kera, when are they going out of production? Ah, just noticed they are made by Olley's amries. I've never seen it on their website before though..

Hashut's Blessing
I'm confused - both the Krung beast and the Brazen Bull are Reaper figures.

I've got the Brazen Bull and it is almost identical in size to the Great Taurus - bit small for a rhinox which is what I originally wanted it for.

Quite easy to bend the back legs so that the front is rearing up but I need to find some suitable mechnical looking wings

Kera foehunter:

Don’t be confused father grump mass they are both reaper figures.

they are going to jump in price soon !!! they are also talking about stop making

the Krung beast very soon. i heard form a reaper (white lighting person)

these are people that try to get people to play warlordsand by there figures

Hashut’s Blessing:

Sorry for the confusion (I thought they weren’t Olley’s), but I swear I’d seen an Olley’s armies sticker thing on the page somewhere is all.


i think it would work for sure good luck making it


I dunno… It’s a great model, but it’s a wee bit to big and it looks too stiff to become a good lookin’ great taurus.