[Archive] Brawler's bash 3000pt no grand army


I have just finished watching all the battle reports by Malorian, OnceBitten and TheSustainable centre from Brawler Bash 2013. I felt like designing an army for this tournament for two reasons, 1 I would like to see good not Gunline CD army and 2 as the tournament is for kills alone this might make Fireborn viable… So to start:

Lvl 4 Prophet, Amulet of preservation, enchanted shield 350pts

Infernal castellan, BSB, mask of the furnace, shield, 197 pts
Daemonsmith, Fire dispel scroll 120 pts

12 Infernal guard, standard musician, 164 pts
2 x 20 Hobgoblin w/ bows, standard 216 pts
2 x 20 Hobgoblin w/ bows 200 pts
10 infernal guard w/ fireglaive 170 pts

3 x deathsrieker rocket launcher 300 pts
2 x 3 Bull centaur renders w/ GW 300 pts
2 x 3 K’daii Fireborn 330 pts

2x K’daii Destroyer 650 pts

Total 2997 pts

So, we’re looking at Daemon Prince+ Skullcrushers+ Chimera, Cannons+ Stank+ Demigyphs, GutStar+ Double Iron blaster+ Mournfang, Ethereal+scream spam. 2 Destroyer is a given, our most aggresive unit, maxes out Rare. The rest is essentially to take out counters for them; hobgoblins, lvl 1 take out chaff. Lvl 4 take out Heavy/ monstrous cav. Deathshrieker takes out monsters, cannons etc.

I thought Lore of Metal would be useful for Monstrous cav but I could be persuaded to change it. Are demolition rounds flaming? If so its useless against demon prince (dragonbane gem), alternative counter? Tempted by Iron demon but its not very aggresive. Core is absolute min at 25%. Characters practical min and rare practical max

Ceann Fine:

2 k’daais is 650 as far as i know


Nope Nicque is right at 330 pts for 6 fireborn. 55 pts ea

I can help with maths but for game advice sorry but i’m no good there.

Ceann Fine:

Two k’daai destroyers is what I was on about mate not fireborn


2 k'daais is 650 as far as i know

Ceann Fine
I think you r right but i also think that is the number i used in the calculation
-edit- i think the numbers (total) are wrong i'll check when i get home
- forgot to include cost of GW on renders in 3000 pt total. Fixed small changes to accomodate


Good lists.

I went to the brawler with my chaos dwarfs.

you can see the report here.


Ceann Fine:

I will have to seiously look into american tournaments as the no comp high points seems very interesting


I really like the 3k - no grand armies - no comp type events for fantasy. You can really do some crazy stuff! Not something I’d want to play all the time, but it’s fun to plan armies for :slight_smile: