[Archive] Bretonnian Army


Hi Everyone,
I’m selling my fully painted bretonnian army. It includes the following:

1. 9 Knights of the Realm w/ pewter champion (or Errant Knights) - Painted w/ Red Heraldry
2. 9 Knights of the Realm (or Errant Knights) - Painted w/ Grey Heraldry
3. 9 Knights of the Realm w/ pewter BSB (or Errant Knights) Painted w/ Green Heraldry
4. 6 Knights of the Realm (used as Grail Knights).Painted w/ Blue Heraldry
5. 6 Custom Plastic Questing Knights. Painted w/ Dark Green Heraldry
6. 2 Damsels (mounted, one painted blue the other red)
7. Hero mounted on a Pegasus (converted).
8. Lord mounted on a Hippogryph
9. 16 Men at Arms (with assorted weapons, look bad-ass)
10. 25 Peasant Archers (all painted, in shades of grey, blue and green)
11. One full converted Bretonnian Lord - used to be an Archon Model.
12. A trebuchet and crew.

They can probably use a little bit of a touch up - painted shields, adding transfers, etc. I don’t have any pictures, but I can take some. Xander has some pictures of my general - maybe he could post it or something for you if you are interested in taking a look.
My asking price for this army is $450 or best offer (please, only serious inquiries) - though if bought without the converted Bretonnian Lord I’ll drop the price to $400. He’s cool - but in my opinion I’m having a hard time with parting with him.

If you’re interested, please email me at taylor.holloway@gmail.com or you can call my cell at 705-207-1337 (that’s local in Sudbury, Ontario). If you want to call my cell, please only do so after 6 pm EST - work and all that.



I know him, he’s not spamming. :wink:


And I’ll be putting up some pictures soon.