[Archive] brief musing/question from a new player


Was just giving the LoA FAQ a read (yep, im behind on the times :p) and was surprised by this entry:

Q. Does the Hellcannon benefit from the Daemonsmith�?Ts re-rolls?

A. Yes, as

long as they are selected as part of a Legion of Azgorh army
I read this as; a ‘pure’ LoA army (so, not a WoC army that purchased a hellcannon as well as CD units from the LoA list) can re-roll a scatter/artillery for the hellcannon.

Does that seem a little odd to anyone else?

The first thing that throws me off a bit is that the hellcannon is a monster, not a warmacine. I’m not really sure why this FAQ is letting it take advantage of the Infernal Engineer re-roll at all.

The 2nd ‘odd’ bit (to me) is that it would be different for ‘pure’ LoA vrs WoC. In my mind, its the same unit, both crewed (and built) by chaos dwarfs. Why the conditional functionality?

FAQ aside, It doesn’t seem to me like the Hellcannon should have ever been an option for Infernal Engineer re-rolls. I know CDO helped a lot with the FW FAQ, so though there might be some deeper insights to be gleaned asking about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thommy H:

Well, the Hellcannon was developed separately from the other war machines in the LoA, since it was part of the WoC army list going back to the Storm of Chaos. So, from the perspective of “canon” Warhammer, it’s the only true representation of the Chaos Dwarfs’ art. But, perhaps surprisingly, when FW came to do the army for Tamurkhan, rather than include a load of “monstrous” war machines (which I think is what everyone was assuming would happen), they went old school and did them as standard war machines with the weird Hellbound upgrade thing.

What this meant was that the standard rule they had for Daemonsmiths suddenly didn’t work on the Chaos Dwarfs’ most iconic artillery piece, because they went and specified the unit type. When this first happened, there was a lot of debate around here about it. It seemed bizarre that a Daemonsmith wouldn’t be able to use his skills to placate the most daemonic creation in his own army. What’s a Daemonsmith for if not controlling the bound Daemons? So this FAQ is really a reaction to that. It makes perfect sense as a ruling, but it obviously goes against RAW.

I would assume the limitation on it not working for WoC armies is to stop you taking a Daemonsmith - a relatively cheap character by WoC standards - and parking him near your Hellcannons. One of the balancing factors to a WoC army’s access to artillery is that it comes in the form of a rampaging monster with a nasty misfire table. Since Chaos Dwarfs already have a lot of artillery though, it’s not going to mess with their balance so much.


Hmm, looking at it from that point of view certainly makes more sense. I am surprised that the FAQ placed it as they did, and didn’t make it an errata under Infernal Engineer (something like “one warmacine or Hellcannon selected as part of a LoA army”). I realize this would also place restrictions on the re-roll for actual warmacines in a WoC army, but that might have made sense too (keep it standard across the board).

thanks for the reply!